Thursday, October 7, 2010

Curiosities and Silliness

Why does it seem that so many of my tales have to do with birds?
Well, I guess if you have 100 birds...
(OMG, I have 100 birds?)
stuff happens!

So, here goes....
a few observations.

Our ducks have maintained their flock of 18 all summer.
Each night we herd them back into the safety of their "hut".
This seems to be the solution to the problem of predators,
at least those that go bump in the night!

Each morning I open up the door to the hut,
and 18 ducks scamper back out onto the pond,

leaving behind several of these.... 

They are laying 2 to 8 eggs daily
in assorted colors.... 

and assorted sizes.... 

I have noticed lately that Ivanka, 
my Transylvanian naked neck chicken (turken)
spends quite a lot of time hanging out by the turkey pen.

Do you suppose she knows how much she resembles a turkey? 

I thought I would update you on Eileen.
Yesterday, she was feeling a little broody.
This is the first time I have seen her nesting
since her surgery.

Her surgical incision is healed,
but once again her foot is swollen and warm. 

She stands on her good foot... 

but, uses the "bumblefoot" when walking.
I guess for now I will continue to watch her.
Oh, the worrying I have done over this gal! 

Oh, and while we are on the subject of chickens,
I have to tell you...
The Frat Pack is out of control!

They can be found hanging out by the farmhouse
all day long.  In the garage, under the deck, 
under the bird feeders...

And, just in case you have heard enough about the birds,
here are a couple more curious things.

Did I mention that TomTom is one cool cat?
There is nothing more interesting than the barn 
refrigerator...filled with eggs!

Ok, now for something really curious.

Jill, one of our fainting goats has something to show you!

"Jill, quit grinning
 and show the nice people
 your tongue!" 

Have you ever seen a grey tongue before?
Jill loves to show hers!

I suppose that's enough silliness for one day,
although I still have so much to share with you.
Thanks for stopping by the farm for a visit!
Hope your day is filled 
with lots of curiosities
and silliness, too!!


  1. Oh Bev, always love your posts and finding out what is going on at your farm. What a cute tongue she has :)
    We have ducks too and it's great you can get them all back in the duck hut at night. They are so pretty. What kind of ducks do you have?

  2. Really fun post! I can tell you had a good time and really missed it! Funny goat! What a ham.

  3. Your farm animals are always so interesting. Everyone has such an unique personality.

  4. Amy,

    We have 1 khaki Campbell drake, 2 white Pekins, and the rest are Black (green) Cayugas, and Swedish (black and white). None of these ducks are good fliers, so they make great pond ducks. Last night was a scream....I had the hardest time getting them to go back in. I talked, I pleaded, I threw sticks in the water to scare them, I danced, I acted as scary as possible....they just were not with the program. And then after I had exhausted my whole bag of tricks (short of getting in the canoe), they up and decided it was time! Always something........

  5. Sounds like things are pretty much back to normal in your life.happy to be back on the farm :)

  6. Sounds like things are pretty much back to normal in your life.happy to be back on the farm :)

  7. Love getting your bird updates! 100 birds Bev? Um..are you a bird hoarder? My polish bird is gone. Up and left - taken - something - poof - I let it back out after nursing it's cold. My banty roosters are fighting like mad. My mallard female moulted her flight feathers and sits and poops on my backporch all day. A few of my large hens are moulting. NEVER a dull moment! Love your goat. I still ache for one.

  8. What's not to love about "Silliness on the Farm"...that's what makes life so much fun!

  9. New reader here. Love hearing about your ducks and chickens. We have 7 hens but would love some ducks. Looks like you have the greatest set up with pond and overnight protection. Looking forward to future posts.


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