Thursday, October 14, 2010

Courting Rituals

Every culture has its courting rituals.
Every species does, too.

Fainting goats are no exception to this.
In fact, they have a rather interesting courting ritual.

Naturally, all of the courting is done by the buck.
Getting ready for a date is quite a lengthy process.

First, there is the task of preparing his hygiene....
application of cologne is a must
(in the form of musky urine which is sprayed on his beard)
Close attention is payed to this process,
as it takes many applications to get the scent just right!

Next, a call is put out for all available does.
The buck spends weeks calling the ladies...
trying to entice them with his best Barry White impression.

Once a doe is close enough to appreciate his efforts,
he launches into a showy display of blubbering and snorting.
Each snort sends a spray of urine tainted saliva...
tantalizing pheromones designed to drive her wild.

(turn your volume up to get the full effect!)

The rest is.....


you know the rest of the story!


CeeCee said...

At least cutie babies are part of the deal. The 'cologne' is so foul (to me).
I have a friend the raises Boer goats and her buck stinks to high heaven.

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Great post! I was happy when I clicked on this am and saw that you had indeed posted the mating rituals of fainting goats. We've been reading and reading, wanting to learn before we bring some home to the farm. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Verde Farm said...

How funny Bev!!! Last year was my first exposure to goats. I went to my BFF's dad's goat farm. I saw this cute male goat and wanted to pet him. I get started and then smell hits me like a ton of bricks. I STUNK to high heavens. It was so funny. We had an old friend that my husband called the "ole goat"--he sorta stunk like tha too :) LOL

Anonymous said...

Like magic..through the fence!!!

Kent Island Red said...

That's Amore!

High Heeled Life said...

at least in the animal world..the male is still the one doing the chasing!! HHL said...

I just don't understand how a the female can find urine scent. Thanks for posting the video. It was very interesting.

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Goaties are my favorite farm animal... even when they are being gross! LOL!

Carmen and the Primcats

Lisa said...

I'm getting the full effect of "eau de buck" this fall. This is our first year with our own buck and he's just 6 months old. Next year he'll be really rank! He's bad enough this year.

But it's just so hilarious watching them. Ours does his Elvis impersonation. Curling his lip. So funny.



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