Friday, October 29, 2010

The Calmer Side of Equines

After yesterday's post about Sid's nose injury...
(oh and I loved the comment about how perhaps 
he was just trying to get a nose job out of the incident!)

I thought I would show you 
the calmer side of the Bee Haven Acres equines.

That would be little Miss Scarlett.
She's our little Princess!

After a bit of a rough start,
(when we called her Little Miss Bossy Pants)
she has become the sweetest little girl.
No (night)mare-ish behavior,
she is calm and easy to handle.

I caught her the other morning
(her usual nap time)
lounging and rolling...
way too cute!

There's nothing like a good stretch.... 

followed by a chin scratching.....

Except perhaps a back scratch...

OK, back up on all fours
and on with the day's business!


I got an update on Sid from Becky...

Aside from looking a bit like Jimmy Durante,
Sid is doing pretty well!

Have a wonderful Autumn weekend.
If you live in the northeast, it should be a beautiful one!

Do we turn the clocks back this weekend????

See you Monday with more Tails From the Farm.
Oh, and Happy Halloween from Hickory 
and the rest of the gang!


  1. Oh MY what an experience with the surgery. It is incredible the mess our horses can get into..and we have no idea "how". My pony injured his his stall. Many stiches later..and more searches in the stall..we are no wiser to how he injured himself..very frustrating. So glad all is well.
    After such an experience it is nice to come home to the calm of seeing peace in the paddock.

    Have a great weekend...Judi

  2. Happy Halloween to you and yours!
    Miss Scarlett looks like she's loving life at your farm. I'm also glad to hear Sid seems to be doing ok. Still feel bad for him..
    Daylight savings ends on November 7th, just in case you still need to know.
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Turn back next week. I was confused too.

    Hickory is adorable!

  4. I believe the time change is next weekend.
    I'm glad all is well with the equines at your place now.
    Poor Hickory! Just look at that defeated look. :)

  5. I just couldn't read yesterday's post, too gory for me. Glad to hear she is on the mend.
    Hickory is so adorable, love the hat!

  6. We turn the clocks back on Nov. 7th. It is so weird, because we used to turn the clocks back just before Halloween.

  7. luv the pics of Scarlett,,,to cute & what a happy pony with her winter coat, enjoying the last of the warm rolls in the dirt befor Winter sets in.
    As for sweet Hickory,,,the look on his face says it all,,,,
    "The things I have to do around here just to score a kibble treat"
    Trick-or-Treat Woof!"

  8. I thought we turned the clocks back this weekend as well..guess not...Ann said we did..Oh, well I guess we'll find out when it's closer...Hickory looks adorable!!!

  9. Give Sid big hugs and plenty of treats!!

  10. Bev, she is just precious. Looks so gentle and sweet. Glad to hear Sid is coming along. Poor baby!
    Happy Halloween,

  11. As a girl raised on a farm in Ohio your post brought back happy childhood memories.
    Thanks for sharing that sweet little princess

  12. I bet Ms. Scarlet would make a wonderful little driving pony as she is too small for you to ride.

    Driving is such fun, I prefer it to riding nowadays. My pony loves it too-they like having jobs. I belong to a local driving club which has shows and free clinics.
    Most of us have simple two wheeled carts and small pony types or minis, nothing fancy or expensive, just a lot of fun with other horse loving people!
    Heather in Pa


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