Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome Autumn

Autumn crept in,
 this week,
 on little black spider feet!

Overnight, it seems, the farm has started its transition
away from summer.

Cooler days, cooler nights have us scrambling for
warm socks and sweatshirts.

We sleep nestled beneath warm quilts
as the night winds scatter the leaves to the ground...
leaves that are yellow, orange and red.

The Beauty-berry bushes have adorned themselves
with beautiful violet berries.

Pumpkins and mums are popping up all over the farm.

The corn fields have turned brown.

 very soon,
we will haul wood into the house and
warm ourselves by our cozy fireplace...
ginger cookies and hot spiced cider in hand.

Would you like to join us?


  1. Oh my, your Autumn photographs are stunning! Love those pumpkins and the mums sitting next to them and that photograph of the moon is amazing! Sitting near the cozy fireplace sounds delightful!

    Enjoy your day~

  2. We are having 105 degree heat here in California. Can't wait for cooler weather.

  3. I wore socks for the first time, yesterday.
    It is 55 amazing degrees this morning!!!
    Things are still showing signs of summer here. We have another month at least of 85* days.

  4. Oh yes I would love to join you in the Northeast for Autum. A trip that is on my bucket list. Your pictures are gorgous and makes you want to settle by the fire. We are having what we call an Indian Summer. Really nice warm daytime temps with the cooler evening. Love this time of the year.

  5. Hi Kim,
    Our weather in Maryland actually cooler down considerably yesterday and I was THRILLED to have to wear jeans instead of shorts while working in the yard and a sweater in the evening as I was shutting the girls in for the night. LOVE your shot of the spider web, too. Makes me think of the children's book "Charlotte's Web." Have a great day!

  6. Great job on the is so difficult to get a spider web! I love the light you got on the pumpkin! Just a lovely job.
    I just saw Beauty Berry a few days ago on another blog...never seen it before...very nice. We don't have those here.

  7. Enjoy your nice weather. Our current temperature is actually 108 degrees. YIKES!

  8. I love the Autumn pictures. I have my first cup of apple cider at the Common Ground Fair this past Friday. That is a sure sign of Fall here. I have never seen Beauty Berry before and it is truly beautiful.

  9. We had temps of 46 degrees this morning at 8:00 in Arkansas. Beautiful fall weather. Is your moon picture by chance the Harvest Moon from last week? I can't wait to show my children the spider web...we've been waiting for one to be built on the side of our front porch. Happens every fall. We just finished studying spiders also...we homeschool. I enjoy visiting your blog each day.


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