Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tails Of A Great Hunter

This is Tom Tom, one of the barn kitties....
and a great hunter!

He looks for prey....

gets ready to leap....

"What is he hunting?", you ask.

Why, he is hunting butterflies...

swallowtails, to be exact.

Did you know that these are considered a feline

It's true!

Tommy hunts for butterflies all of the time.
He catches them when they land on a flower
and wrestles them to the ground.
He plays with them until they expire
and then consumes them....
wings and all!

Dearest Tommy,
Might you consider taking your hunting expeditions to the barn?
There are lots of mousies there....and more on their way!


  1. And so does my dog who thinks she's a cat!!!

  2. My cat Margie does the same thing. First time I saw it I was horrified and tried to wrestle it away from her (hard to fly away with only one wing tho!), now I just roll my eyes and tell her what a naughty kitty she is. Just found your blog and I LUV it! Hope you'll check out mine as well when you get a chance. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  3. That's sorta cute and gross all wrapped into one :)

  4. I learn something from your blog all the time. Never knew that butterflies is a delicacy for cats. I am with you. I would rather the cat eat the mice than the beautiful butterflies.

  5. When I take peek-a-boo kitty out for her daily walk with me,,she chases after the 'hoppers' (grass hoppers)...yep catches them, plays with & then snacks on them....yuck! it sort of grosses me out when I hear her crunching on them...but she's having fun & right now I am, wageing war on the 'hoppers that are deccimating my plants & trees...they are horrible this year & doing lots of damage to the crops.
    Tell TomTom I know where there are a couple of moles if he wants a new play toy! lol!
    Happy Labor Day & you guys have a great weekend.


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