Friday, September 24, 2010

Morning chores

Every morning it is the same routine...
out of bed at the crack of dawn,

load the dogs into the gator,
(Oakley runs ahead of us)
(Sadie stays home these days...a little lameness issue).

TomTom meets the gator halfway down the lane.

We head to the barn and are greeted each morning by the same faces.
Moonbeam and Donnie are quite eager for their breakfast,
and let us know so by clacking their hooves on the metal gate.

Ella Bella is always in the same place
requesting her breakfast, too.

Bobby rides along to deliver fresh water to all the animals.

The chickens are always waiting for us...
eager to get their treat of scratch.

Then out to take care of the goats...
Did you know that goats are always happy?
It's true... happiness is their essence.

There is a routine to each morning.
The same chores need to be done,
the same faces are there...waiting.

It's this sameness, this routine,
that gives us all security.
There is a comfort to the rhythm of the farm.

The work is done, over and over,
day after day,
and yet,
it is not tedious,
it is not drudgery.

The rhythm is peaceful and serene.

Life on the farm....

A very good life.


  1. Couldn't agree more Bev. It is a wonderful routine indeed :)

  2. Yes, a very good life. We moved to our farm 15 yrs ago and when I mention that we work harder than we ever did in our other life, DH reminds me that "it is good work." He doesn't miss the courtroom at all. I so enjoy your blog.

  3. Sounds peaceful ... its amazing how our little Furbabies know exactly what is next... Dolce is my wake up alarm without fail 7:00 am he is there with a lick on my face.

    Next year Hubby is considering adding some chickens, and perhaps a couple goats to our property (we are not a farm..but live on 13 plus acres)...

    Happy week-end..HHL

  4. I so love the rhythm of your farm. I have my own rhythm every morning. Up at the crack of dawn, make coffee and then sit down at my computer and visit my wonderful blog friends. There truly is comfort in the rhythm!!!

  5. sounds peaceful and serene...really nice to have all those animals waiting for and loving you..gotta feel needed and useful and what better way to do it??

  6. I think what is nice is they are always so happy to see you. It is kind of hard to not have a fan club every day. :)

  7. They count on you for that 'sameness'. In turn they give you unconditional love. Pretty good trade, I'd say. :)

  8. And thanks for taking us along with you! We have the easy part we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to enjoy your day. LOL! have a very blessed and good life down on the farm.

  9. Hello! What a wonderful place! I just found you and saw already so much wonderful animals! I'll go to read and see more...
    Best Wishes from small village in Crete! Teje

  10. Truer words were never spoken. I feel the same way. Thank you Bev.

  11. I can see you smiling as you wrote this blog today, sounds wonderful.


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