Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miscellany and Morning Musings

Early morning...
one of my favorite times...

watching the sunrise...
the land bathed in misty moistness...

Morning is a favorite time for the horses, too....

The goats are gearing up for mating season.
The does spend most of the day painting hooves, 
and giggling about the know.....
who has a "crush" on who....and so on.

The bucks continue to apply cheap aftershave...
so they can be ready at a moment's notice!

For those of you wondering how Eileen is getting along....
She is still one-legged, but getting around quite well.

I am worried though.
It looks like she has a large tumor 
on the bottom of her left foot.
I'll have Dr. Becky take a look at it today.

The turkeys have discovered Ritz Crackers, too.
If anyone from Nabisco reads this blog,
please consider sending me a few free boxes...
it is the favorite treat of just about the entire farm!

I checked on the Roosters in their bachelor pad 
and look what they hung...
a new sign!
Crazy Roos!

And last, but not least,
I found the perfect farm truck.

This little gem was parked a few miles from the farm
at our favorite milkshake stop.

With a little artistic work (or Photoshop)
I could transform this truck to....
What do you think???


  1. Another beautiful and busy day on the farm at Bee Haven Acres. The truck would make a perfect addition to the farm.

  2. The pretty little golden laced wyandotte hen may have bumblefoot.
    It is a bacterial infection quite common in chickens.

    Love the truck.
    Heather in PA

  3. Looks like Eileen has bumblefoot. Priscilla had one a couple years ago. I cleaned it out with peroxide every day and kept it bandaged till it healed. (I kept her in a cage on the back porch) She still limps a little but back with Elvis and laying green eggs.

  4. What a beautiful way to start the day. Your farm is breathtaking and so neat and tidy---something I strive for but seem to fall short. Poor Eileen, hope she is ok, please update us.
    Love that truck!!

  5. Thanks Heather,

    I believe you are right! I will talk to Becky and see what we shall do about this!

  6. Thanks Peggy, Too!!!

    It is great to have knowledgeable friends!!

  7. Oh, and I didn't buy the truck....just Photo-shopped the picture!!

  8. Absolutely love that beautiful (first) picture! Perfect camera shot! Sun just peaking around the corner, that gorgeous sky and the fense!

    I think you better see if you can bargain for that truck! lol

  9. This morning has been foggy and a bit dull, so your sunrise pictures were a warm welcome.

  10. What a beautiful sunrise. You live in paradise.

  11. Great truck. I think you need one!

  12. Gorgeous sunrise photos! Love the truck! It would definitely be perfect for your farm!

    ~ Tracy

  13. I think I want the truck but will be so glad for you if you get it or one like it. It would look so much better with Bee Haven Acres on the door!!


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