Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Melting Pot

It seems with almost 80 chickens
that I am always re-arranging!

The Ameraucana roosters are now occupying their bachelor pad.

They have been sequestered inside
until I am sure they will return there to roost each night.
I am thinking that about a week should
assure that they identify this coop as home.
Thankfully, the weather is very cool,
so they do not mind being indoors.
Also, I love this coop...
it has great cross-ventilation
with a window in front and back.

We also moved the Ameraucana hens (6) 
into the larger chicken pen. 
It was a very smooth transition...

The six chickens on the right are the Ameraucanas.

We also moved the three "hens" that I bought 
from a neighbor a few weeks ago.
As it turns out, one of these hens was also a rooster!

That black and white chicken on the right is the rooster.
His name is Perry (Perry Como!).
With him are Laverne (red) and Maxine (black).

Now the henhouse is full of all types of chickens...
a real melting pot.

And I have to find some new chicks to start in the brooder house.
Egg laying has begun to slack off.
Bad timing....
ever since the salmonella scare,
our eggs are highly sought-after.

Gotta find me some mo' chickens...


Anke said...

Your new coop looks great! I'd love to have one like that in our backyard one day. I can't believe you have 80 chickens running around! I'd be happy to just have 5 or 6...

Beverly said...

Only 60 are out and about. The 20 fancies stay within their fenced in yard...they are too easy a target for a hawk, as they cannot see what is above them due to their top hats!! The barn is almost a quarter mile from the house, so all those chickens are not around the house.....whew!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

I've got some rearranging to do myself here. All my banties go where they will and roost in the trees. Thankfully nothing has bothered with them. I need to get them to stay in the chicken yard and go up and roost with the big birds, or I'm going to have to build them their own pad. The cold weather is on it's way!

CeeCee said...

That is a beautiful new home for those roos!

Do you ever let your broodies hatch out their own eggs?

My hens have begun to moult, and have definitely slacked off in the egg laying department.

kpaints said...

Nice digs!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the "No rooster" thing

Verde Farm said...

Beautiful birds! I wish I could figure out that hen vs. rooster thing...that never works out for us. Roosters are on the rise :) LOL
Amy at Verde Farm

The Rural Life (aka Cornbread Fed) said...

LOVE that chickenhouse! :)


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