Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Coming!

It's almost here!
The nights are cool now.
The days are finally bearable.

Everyone on the farm is enjoying the cooler temperatures.
Energy abounds.

Each morning all of the dogs come out for morning chores.
Hickory leads the way with energy not typical for a 15 year old.

Even Maddie has a spring in her step.
(Hot weather is tough on big gals!)

Oakley is happy to have so many friends
along for morning fun!

The goats are quite comical in cooler weather.
They are heading into mating season,
so everyone is "twitterpated!"
The boys enjoy head butting...
but stop what they are doing when I appear with the camera.

"What?  What are you looking at us for??"
(say two very innocent looking goats.)

Bobby rides along in the gator
and keeps watch over the watering cans.
He will soon begin to grow his fluffy winter coat.

Another sure sign that Autumn approaches is this....
The tree swallows have started to flock.
Each morning they sit on the electric wires.
Soon they will be leaving for warmer regions.

I love this time of year.
Almost as much as our animals do!

 PS: For those of you who read this blog on a regular basis....
I wanted to let you know that Rod's last tail feather is gone.
His poor behind is naked....
Poor, poor Rod...
That has to be a bit humiliating!


  1. Those are very HAPPY dogs! I bet they do just love to go out on the farm with you as you do your chores. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your stories. You have a wonderful way of putting your farm experiences down on paper that brings it all to life for us non-farmers. And I don't know how you do it all from taking care of your farm and animals and blogging too! Have a lovely day Bev!

  2. Oh, thanks Sandy. I think our dogs are very happy. They sleep well at the end of the day...lots and lots of activity. And...they are good company for me out here in the country.

    There is not a lot of other things to side track me here...just good ole farm and house work. At the end of the day I fall into bed...exhausted. I love it, though!

    As for blogging, well, that is my social outlet! So glad I have all of you to talk to!!!

  3. Love your dogs and goats! Poor Rod, although he is still a beauty. Enjoyed the post!

  4. Those dogs so look forward to their fun routine with you! Great exercise for them. Poor Rod!

  5. Amen..Sandy
    Poor Rod..he's going to have a cold butt this winter..maybe you could make him something???
    The tree swallows have come in droves (do birds do droves??) to our pond..every evening they are there diving for bugs...and dogs.
    I, like the animals, am much happier with this weather..Enjoy

  6. first time to your blog. very neat.

    we live on a farm also but it is uumm.. really hilly.
    You've heard the saying "hills of Kentucky"..that's us.

  7. I love autumn, too. Isn't it great when you leave your house in the morning for work and the outside thermometer isn't already registered at 80 degrees (or higher!) because you know it's only going to get worse from there. Yuk! Hope those mornings are behind us for at least another year.

  8. It is cooler here as well, but the temperature usually goes up in the afternoons. So far today, it is still cool. I hope that it stays this way the rest of the day.


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