Thursday, September 9, 2010

Horsing Around

Another wonderful thing about this time of year is 
Our orchard is full of apples...
yummy, juicy, sweet/tart apples.

Not only are they a favorite snack for us,
but also for the horses.

Yesterday I treated the horses to a little game....
bobbing for apples.....

Donnie:  "Hey Moonbeam, if we catch them we can eat them!"

Moonbeam:  "How do we catch them? 
 They keep going under water!"

Donnie:  "Accuracy, that's the key."

Moonbeam:  "How about we work together?"

Donnie: "I keep getting water up my nose!"

Moonbeam:  "I give up.  Mom......!!!
This game is stupid!"

"MmmmmMmmmm, thanks, Mom!"


PS:  I finally understand why I keep finding nests of baby mice....
Lazy kitties!


Anonymous said...

not fair that the horses were blindfolded!! :-)


countrynmore said...

How fun for the horses. The one fruit tree that bears a lot of fruit around here is our apple tree.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

That was super cute and I loved the "narration". :)

Kent Island Red said...

Cats certainly do love their naps, don't they?

Haddock said...

Nice healthy ponies.

Haddock said...

Long time since I have seen a play

Anonymous said...

Your horses have you right where they want you..Kitties aren't interested in mice unless they are running around and they have to chase them..just wait...Oh, I get it..they should have gotten the parents!!!

Lady Farmer said...

Sheesh! Do I feel stupid! I've been following your sewing blog and just today found that you have this one! Where have I been? (I do think I've been here before by a round about way and never realized this was your blog! :~O )


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