Monday, September 13, 2010

Hickory the Pooh and Landscaping Too!

Here is my favorite grandson,
my one and only,
the apple of my eye...
(sitting in my kitchen scale...
he is not that precocious, 
there is a magic hand behind his back.)
with a front row seat for the re-enactment 
"Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Jar".

The part of Winnie the Pooh
will be played by Hickory.

If you regularly read my blog, 
you will remember that each morning Hubbs gives
the dogs their "vit-e-yums".
The older dogs get their arthritis meds in a bit of peanut butter.

The biggest treat of all is an empty peanut butter jar.
Maddie (our Newfie) licks and licks until it is mostly empty.
And then Hickory (our 15 year old) goes to work on it...
The rest of the story goes like this.....

Don't worry, Tyler, no animals were harmed 
during the shooting of this story!

The End

Hickory....take a bow!


This past weekend, we finished a landscaping project...
enlarging the gardens in the front of the house
to twice their original size.

Here is the new look:

Hubbs dug the holes, I planted and then
we watered and mulched.
So glad it is done!


  1. Your grandbaby is adorable! Hickory with his head stuck in the jar is too funny! Your flower beds turned out great, you guys were very busy.

  2. Nice landscaping...priceless photos of Tyler and Hickory!

  3. Wonderful story, wonderful actors. :)

    Your new beds look lovely.

  4. Bev, you never disappoint. The little man child is ADORABLE and the performance by Hickory--wonderful. Love the new landscaping too :)
    Amy at Verde Farm

  5. I love the head in the peanut jar. It is hilarious and Tyler, he is precious as always. Love his facial expressions.

  6. That little man is so animated! Love it! So cute, as was the show!!!! Dash does that with his small (glass) yogurt container! Never saw a tongue goes so far!

  7. Tyler and Hickory are both sooooo cute! Photos are great.

    Beautiful landscaping!!!!


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