Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pond Happenings

I make several trips to our pond each day...
first thing in the morning,
to let the ducks out,

last thing at night to close them back in,
and occasional trips in between with the dogs.

Each and every time I arrive at the pond,
seven wild ducks fly away.

They are there all of the time,
usually in this corner of the pond....

but apparently quite shy.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to sit by the pond
and wait to see if any of the wild ducks show up.

Our 18 assorted ducks were quietly sitting on the bank.

All of a sudden, over my head I heard a fluttering,

and one wild duck landed in the pond....
on the far side.

I took a couple of pictures from across the pond,
afraid to move, lest I scare him away.
This picture is not the best quality, but you can
at least see his coloration.

I am thinking it might be a young wood duck.
I will need to do a little research to be sure.
(After researching, I am pretty sure that it is an immature wood duck.)

If any of you recognize the breed, please leave me a comment.

While sitting there, Oakley came running up.
At this point the wild duck flew off, 
and the pond ducks swam out onto the water.

Oakley layed himself at my feet....
and started rolling around, scratching his back.

Closer and closer to the edge of the pond he rolled...


He rolled too far and rolled right into the pond.
And Oakley doesn't swim!

He jumped out of that pond and shook the water off
faster than I could take a picture!

I also wanted to show you how our pond ducks are starting to mature.
You can see by this picture that the boys are starting to grow
their duck tales.

The duck on the right is a male Cayuga,
on the left is a female.


  1. The ducks are so cute. I love the little duck tail feathers of the male. Poor Oakley, the scratch was good until wet, hee-hee! It's it nice just to sit quietly, even if for a short period. Enjoy!!

  2. cute little tail...clutzy Oakley..can't believe he doesn't like water!! I'll bet wild ducks like Ritz crackers too..I know Mallards like corn and Saltines

  3. I love the duck tales! Ha! Funny! And Oakley, how funny! Nothing is ever calm around your place. How come you have to bring the ducks in at night? Will something eat them?

  4. It is a Wood Duck. We had them show up on our pond right before dusk, when you really can't see them, only hear them and they stayed all night and let very early in the a.m. They are simply beautiful, enjoy them!!


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