Friday, August 6, 2010

Paul Bunyan Cuke

I am not sure how big the World's Largest Cucumber might be,
but I think I may be headed in that direction with this gem...

Every day I am harvesting 5 to 10 cucumbers from this box...

They just keep coming and coming.
They have for more than 6 weeks now.

Last summer my cucumber vines died from a fungus.
We were unable to pick a single cuke.

This year they are mega-prolific!
And this big boy is the largest of all.
I don't have the heart to pick him now.
I know that at this point he will taste bitter,
so now we will just see how big he gets. 
My hand measures 8 this
big boy is about 18 inches long.

I'll keep you posted on how big he ultimately grows.

This is the first year for our pear tree,
and miraculously, it is loaded with pears....

beautiful, ripening pears....

This year's apple harvest looks promising as well.

Maintaining an orchard organically is a bit unpredictable.
Usually the fruit tastes wonderful, but looks ugly.
This year it just might look as good as it tastes!


  1. That cucumber is huge! We've been lucky this year and were able to harvest quite a few cucumbers, but the end is definitely in sight. The heat and squash bugs are slowly doing them in... That pear tree is laden with fruit, looks like the branches might snap under the weight. Apples and pears straight from the trees, yum...

  2. Wow what a big cucumber! Since we moved we didn't get to have a garden this year and their are no fruit trees here either. I hope to be able to get a few here and there but I know it will take time. All yours looks great! Blessings,Karen

  3. Wonderful! I bet you are looking forward to those pears and apples, it takes so long to get them and then you never know what the weather will do to them. Enjoy, sure wish I lived near you, I would be over foraging in the veggies before as not to get caught! lol

  4. WOW..that's a lot of cucumber...must be all that horse stuff you put in there..fruit trees look great as many green thumbs do you have???

  5. That is awesome Bev. We only have about 7 pears on our pear tree. We will see when it comes time to pick them how many we have left, or how many the squirrels have left for us.

  6. We have that weird fungus thing killing our cucumbers this year. We have harvested maybe 6 cucumbers at the most from several plants and I am sad as cucumbers are our favorite treat. :( Maybe next year ours can be as good as yours!

  7. now THAT'S a cuke! (supposed to say it like crocodile dundee)


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