Friday, August 27, 2010

The Boys Of Summer Are Gone

Over the past few weeks, 
there has been so much activity at our hummingbird feeders.
On average,  12 hummingbirds would be feeding at any given time...
diving, swooping, chasing each other away....
grabbing a drink on the run.

Today things slowed down a bit.
And what was most noticeable,
was the fact that there were no males around.

Each August, the males leave and start their long flight to
Central America, Mexico, or the Caribbean.
The females, young, and yearlings stay behind and feed for
yet another month or month and a half.

Before leaving on this grueling flight,
the hummingbirds will feed and double their body weight.
They need all the energy they can get to make this trip.
As they travel down through the Southeast, 
they can stop for re-fueling,
but once they reach the Gulf coast,
they have an arduous 18 hour flight across water.

It amazes me how such a tiny creature 
can be capable of such greatness!

In case you were wondering.........
(just some random notes)

Smoochie's swollen eye healed without a problem.

Hickory loves life on the farm...
But Ella Bella would like to know
why exactly we need four dogs!

Elvis passed away this summer... no fowl play suspected...
I think it was just his time.
I found him lying in the field like this; still alive, but very weak...
I miss him.
He was beautiful and sweet and kind.

Eileen is getting stronger by the day and now ventures out to free range.
Hopping along....

I love my turkeys
and don't think I could ever have the heart to eat them...
Hubbs agrees.
Pet turkeys!!

Three guineas remain.
And seem to have mastered this survival thing.

We think of Hank often, but miss him not.
(Hank in the sights of the SuperSoaker)

My tomatoes are almost done.
This makes me very sad.
Very very sad.

But that's ok, because this makes me really happy!

My mega cucumber never got any bigger, 
but turned yellow.
The chickens enjoyed it...
along with several others.

I am still out of my gourd!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. The hummingbirds are one of my favorite summer signs! I love to watch them! Never been able to capture them on camera though...just a blur!

    I love fall, but don't like seeing summer end :( Ya know what comes after fall...booo!

  2. nice recap..what ever happened to the "how many roosters do you think there are?" contest?? How many were there???

  3. Beverly, what a great post! I love each and every photograph, truly awesome!


  4. I just bought another box of nectar for back-up! I'll be waiting on the boys! LOL

  5. The PBS station had a very interesting episode on hummingbirds. There are some hummingbirds that have 4 inch beaks, over double the size of the body. Hummingbirds are not only beautiful but amazing. Ella Bella is adorable.

  6. Life on the farm, never a dull moment and beats the heck out of watching mind numbing T.V.

  7. I love your posts. Your Rod Stewart is adorable and I love Polish chickens. I have a pair, Edgar and Betty. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful world with others. It made me happy today :)


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