Wednesday, July 7, 2010



That is what we used to cry when we'd had enough.
Well, "Uncle!"  I say.





Of this.....


Yesterday afternoon the thermometer on the sunny side
of the house read 120 degrees....that's all the higher it goes.
The thermometer on the shady side read 102 degrees.

Ok, it's the beginning of July...still early summer....wasn't the first
day of summer just a couple of weeks ago??
It is way too early for this type of heat.
Just ask my chickens.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to ask 3 of them.

Three of them perished today in the heat.
They are outside with plenty of shade and lots of fresh water.
But, it is just too hot.

I must apologize.
I always try to write happy stories.
But today, it is hard.
We are all a bit stressed by the heat.

The chickens are panting.

The horses are miserable.
At least they have a powerful fan to stand in front of.

And I am drenched in sweat.
Not a pretty sight.

The only animals seemingly unaffected by the heat are the guinea fowl.
I suppose being from Africa helps some.

Perhaps I should replace my chickens with ostriches.
And my horses with zebras.
Gazelle for goats.

Or maybe the heat should lift so we can all go back to
a more comfortable existence.

The drought continues, and our pond is down by 2 feet.
The ducks will soon have only a puddle.

Ok, so enough doom and gloom.

On a lighter note, the garden is thriving.
(That is, with daily watering.)

And, best of all......
Tyler is finally opening his eyes and checking out his world.
He has been much like a tiny puppy these last two weeks.
Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping.
Now, finally he has awakened....
"Hello world!"

On a much lighter note,
this is an actual local street sign.
Ah, how I love the country!!


  1. I lost my 2 favorite chickens last year when they were overcome by the heat. I'm hoping it won't happen this year. Hopefully your remaining chickens will survive the heat wave. Best wishes.

  2. I am so sorry, I can't stand the heat, that's why you don't find me in the kitchen cooking! lol When I was in Africa I saw the ghens every where and it was about 110! So you are right they love it! I hope things cool down for you soon.
    Did you enjoy the graphics?

  3. Maybe you could set up a misting system of some sort for your chickens. You can find some that you plug the hose into....easy peasy. Sorry about your hens:-(

  4. You are having extreme heat and we are having the opposite. Our weather is like June gloom but I am liking it. I am so sorry that the east coast is having the extreme heat. Usually it is around 100 or so here this time of year. I am sure that the extreme heat will make itself known to us very soon. Sorry that you lost some of your chickens. I know that you care about each and everyone of your animals. The country street sign is funny and Tyler you are adorable. Now, you can see all the wonderful things on the farm.

  5. Oh Bev, I am sorry to hear about your chickens. We get so fond of our farm animals. It sure breaks your heart when you have something happen.
    We are having the same heat..ugh!! I have the Clydes inside with big fans on them but even that is not making them very comfortable. They are old and need all the extra care they can get in this weather. Poor Bill is feeling it the worst.
    The mini's and the saddle horses don't seem to notice it..I guess there age does help as they are that much younger and not the massive body weight.
    I hear it is going to break for us the end of the week..hopefully for you as well.

    Judi B.

  6. Wow -- sounds like Az.. Sorry - I don't like it either when it gets that high in temp -- when it's hot like that EvERYthING you do seems harder and tireds you out sooner. Even your day seems longer! But what more can you do - nature is in control -- prayers are helpful and I am sure you are saying a few too..

  7. Sorry to hear about your chickens. I did not realize that they are that fragile to temperatures. You learn something everyday. Good luck with the rest of them and hoping your weather changes for you soon. It is very hot near Ottawa, Canada too. We are in the middle of a heatwave and I hate the humidity. No one can breath in this. Hugs, Deb

  8. UGH! We have that heat going on too-plus high humidity- just after being sick I was unable to step out for long-it was only 95 today so maybe its letting up?
    Sorry to hear about your hens-my have a fan from the 1st of MAy because of the heat. :(


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