Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Scarlet Report

If you read my blog with any regularity,
you might remember that I was quite frustrated 
with our new yearling pony, Scarlet,
a few weeks back.
Pulling my hair out, actually.

Well, I took advice that was given 
and started to hand feed her in the mornings.

And, she made a turn-around.

Scarlet is now quite easy to manage....
allowing me to put on her fly mask.....
coming to me when I call her, etc.

Looks like our little Miss Bossy Pants is here to stay!

I have been lucky lately to have a few mornings
with a full complement of help.

Maddie rides to the barn in the gator....

Hickory runs beside us....
The picture is blurry because this little gal can run very fast!
Hard to believe she is 15.

Oakley is miles ahead and waiting at the barn when we arrive.

And Sadie is the official watchdog....
watching the rest of us work, while she relaxes!


  1. What a great cast of helpers!!

  2. Yeah Scarlet, way to make a turn around. And there is my love being the every faithful watchdog. Go Oakley, yes hard to believe 15! Thanks for the morning venture.

  3. What wonderful help you have!

  4. That's one happy family...glad Miss Scarlet has settled in to the routine..gotta go with the flow

  5. Glad that Scarlet made a turn around. You have a great team of dogs there.

  6. Nice to hear that Scarlet is cooperating now, cookies and grain at "catching time" works well for my young mini too. I also make sure he has something to do in his drylot-like a small bit of hay to munch on when he comes in from the field. Scarlet sounds like a smart little girl and keeping one step ahead of her is going to keep you busy! I would keep a breakaway halter on her for the time being and handle her everyday-brushing, hand grazing, and especially picking up her feet.
    Establishing good ground manners now will keep everyone safer in the future.
    Heather in PA

  7. Cute dogs! Glad the horse made a turn around. We had a goat that was really stubborn and shy... we hand feed him too. He is much better now, not so crabby and shy. Nice blog check out our blog at thechickenkeepers.blogspot.com

  8. It is so nice having help. It makes the day go by quicker with company.


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