Thursday, July 29, 2010

Out of My Gourd!

I am crazy.
Crazy, that is, about vines.
With the exception of poison ivy,
(and don't look at my face right now, 
it is covered in poison ivy.)
(Thank you, Oakley...but that's a different story!)

Again, with the exception of poison ivy,
I love plants that creep and climb and cover everything...
sending out nimble tendrils to help them gain a foothold.

Now, I know that in some cases this type of
invasiveness can be a problem.
(not my house!)

But, on my garden fence it is a welcomed sight.

Cardinal flowers...vining to the sky
are a natural hummingbird attractant.

Morning glories, whose sweet faces greet me each morning...

Purple, ornamental beans whose lavender blossoms
 mature to this lovely purple fruit...

The delicate, ruffled white blossoms of various gourds...

My favorite corner of the vegetable garden is this,
in the strawberry patch....
where gourd plants are creeping and climbing
and generally running amok!

There are gourds of all sizes, shapes, and textures.

I will use these in autumn decorating,
and then dry them for use
as bird houses next summer.

Another corner of the garden boasts a healthy grape harvest...

This fall, I will visit our local nursery...
looking for perennial flowering vines
to add to next year's garden walls.

Eventually I would love if the 8 foot fence walls of my
garden were entirely encased in vinery...
like a secret outdoor room,
overflowing with life-sustaining yumminess!


  1. We have a thing for climbers, too. Clematis, honeysuckle, morning glory, hops are just a few of the things we have in our garden right now. Sadly, I've never had any luck with gourds. Tried unsuccessfully for two years (in two different spots)to grow them and just gave up for now. The loofah did well last year, but this year - not so much. But that's the wonderful thing about gardening, there's always next year...

  2. I'm sorry about your poison. I know how you feel. I knelt in it one time not knowing what it was and the rest is history, thankfully, because I was miserable!

  3. I love the curlies on vines and trailing plants. I can't wait to have gourds of my own :) Keep up the good work--and the fabulous pictures!

  4. Lovely commentary and pictures, my fav is the lumpy decorating with them...I should try a little bird house too.
    Love looking at your 'treasures' from the garden.

  5. love your careful what you wish for in the vine dept..they'll be coming for ya!!!

  6. That does it, next year I am planting gourds. Now if you could just give me some hints as what seeds to buy. I will find some place for them to grow and spread. By the way have I told you lately I'm moving in. Just a reminder!

  7. I love morning glory vines too!! No matter how many people tell me that they're a nasty weed that should be totally gotten rid of = )

    About the only thing doing really well in my garden down here in hoooooooot south Texas is the malabar spinach vines and they're taking over! Need to get busy eating the stuff...hahahahaha

    Then I'll have room to plant the okra which will also do very well in this heat and humidity...


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