Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Traditions

"Walkie Time!"...
a favorite evening activity.
Four sets of four legs come running when they hear those two words.

Out the door, and down the driveway...
with tremendous energy and overwhelming excitement.
You would never guess that Hickory is the eldest of the gang.
She races down the driveway after Hubbs in the gator.
And Oakley... well, he never has four feet on the ground at the same time.
How he loves a walk!
Oakley runs circles around everyone else.
Maddie lumbers on.
Sadie waits for me to catch up.
Her motto is "no man left behind."

The destination of this walk is the vegetable garden.
It is late evening and time to water.
Hickory eagerly follows me into the garden...

Meanwhile, Maddie takes a detour
and trudges up through the pastures to visit the goats and chickens.

Sadie stays in the garden,
always close by, in case I need her.

Eventually, Maddie returns, to get a drink.
There is nothing like a cold drink from the hose.

Maddie is a Newfoundland, and Newfs are drawn to water
like bees to nectar!
She just never gets enough.

Oakley, of course has been out running in the woods.
On his way back to the garden he passes Bobby, 
who wants to play.

But Oakley keeps right on walking...
resisting Bobby's charm.
Did you know that you can tell how tired a dog is....
by how far out his tongue hangs?
It's true.
Oakley's tongue just gets longer and longer!

Oakley might be tired, but Maddie is just getting geared up.
She spies TomTom 

and tries to entice him to play...
Oh no, not Hickory, too......

So much for TomTom's nap!

So with watering done, we head back to home.
Look who's coming down the lane...

It's baby Tyler, out for his evening walk, too!

A little fresh air before bedtime,
and a little lovin from Grammie...

Enough fresh air and exercise for everyone to sleep well tonight.

We all love evening walks!
Thanks for coming along with us.


  1. Thanks for taking us on your evening walk! We don't have to take a walk to water the vegetables (wish I did) but the dogs do like to come outside with me and hang out. There are balls to chase, neighborhood dogs to bark at, grass to roll in, what more could they want... :-)

  2. What a fun walk with you, the pups, the kitties and the baby!

  3. Your animals are so funny. Each dog has a unique personality, which makes life on the farm interesting for you and your hubs. Tyler looks so precious and of course the last picture of you with Tyler is precious.

  4. How lucky is this new little one to grow up surrounded by all of this goodness and fun!! The photo of your dog up in the air running says it all, what fun!

  5. So fun to see them all having such a good time.

  6. I can't imagine life without animals -- they are great companions -- and what a cute grandbaby!

  7. As always, I sooo enjoy my evening walks with you all around the Farm...


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