Monday, July 19, 2010

Humming Along

I thought I would share a few photos from this weekend.

More time spent in the garden.....dreaming!

The hummingbirds are quite happy with the addition of the feeder in the garden...
and drain it on a daily basis.

For those of you who have never fed hummers,
I highly recommend you get a hummingbird feeder.

The feed is just sugar water...
one part sugar to four parts water...
boiled until dissolved, then cooled.

My feeder is constantly a-buzz..
requiring me to refill it daily.

The picture that I took, that I am most excited about
is this one....
What you see protruding from the end of her beak 
is her tongue.
Most people think that hummers drink nectar through their
beak like a straw.
What they actually do, though, is to slip this tongue
in and out of the flower at a rate of 13 times per second,
each time covering the tongue with nectar that is
then brought back into its mouth.

What a world we live in!
Truly amazing and magical...and it is all around us,
We only need to open our eyes.

PS....I saw an elusive scarlet tanager, 
while picking blackberries at the edge of the woods;
but could not capture him by camera.
I am making this my goal.
In case you have never seen one....
here is someone else's picture...sadly, not mine.
(From the public domain.....)

Oh, and I painted the rest of the gourds that I grew last year...
and hung them in the garden.



  1. Bev those are incredible shots! The one where the hummer has his tongue sticking out is amazing. We've tried feeding hummingbirds before, but we never did get a whole bunch to stop by. The sugarwater would get cloudy very fast and we finally just stopped. We did plant some honeysuckle and other plants that are supposed to attract hummers and every once in a while we do get some.
    Oh, your red birdhouse gourd is really cute! Love those...

  2. Thank you for taking the time everyday to share with us. You truly make me aware of what life is about...............Hugs.

  3. Thank you for taking the time everyday to share with us. You truly make me aware of what life is about...............Hugs.

  4. Oh what a wonderful life you live. Thank you for reminding me to be still, open my eyes, listen, and enjoy all the wonders my life has in it.

    Have a blessed day.


  5. What great photos! I wish I could capture my hummers, but they are just too fast for my camera!

  6. Fabulous pictures of the hummingbirds. I especially like the one with the tongue, and yes, I didn't know that they had a tongue.

  7. You keep out doing yourself with your photography! The pics are awesome! I never saw a pic of a humming bird with it's tongue out like that! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I had to show these pics to my husband. He loved them. Our hummingbirds are almost as much fun to watch as our chickens are.

  9. I have to enjoy your pictures at the feeder.I don't put out feeders. I have too many cats that think they are here on earth to kill anything that moves. Excellent mousers. Just can't get them to leave the birds alone. They look at feeders as a snack bar. Beautiful pictures. Thanks.

  10. Great should send that tongue pic in to Birds and blooms..they seem to have a love for Hummers..It's good that they drain the feeders...(you don't have to remember to change the water)


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