Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun in the Rain

To those of you who voluntarily did a rain dance for us

I say "thank you."
Your efforts paid off.

We had rain early Saturday morning and again 
yesterday afternoon and evening.
What a relief....we've had such a drought.

The only one who was not happy with the rain was Hickory....
She hid under the dining room table and barked with each thunder clap.
We have come to realize that she is frightened by thunderstorms.

All in all, I believe we had at least 2 inches.
The spring house is no longer dry.

The pond is still low, but holding its own...
Maybe even up a few inches, now.

After the rain, Oakley and I headed out for afternoon chores.
We stopped at the barn to clean up the dry lots.

Bobby was happy to see us and gave Oakley a welcome rub...

One of Oakley's favorite games is to play chase with the Littles.
They seem to enjoy it, too and always participate.

After playtime, everyone decided to help me....

Do I really need this kind of help??

Mayhem, as usual.
But we do have fun here on the farm.
We live a much slower pace than most...
it takes a long time to get chores done.

After all, you just can't rush through and miss these opportunities for play!


  1. Thanks for another fun time post with my morning coffee. You always make me smile as I am off to my job. I can only dream of your job with all the fun you incorporate into your work. Glad you got some rain!!!

  2. Wonderful! Love seeing 'the kids' at play! Oakley is so cute!

  3. soak up every moment..they are priceless..glad you got some rain..we only had an inch

  4. soak up every moment..they are priceless..glad you got some rain..we only had an inch

  5. yay for rain when ya need it! it always amazes us how GREEN everything looks and how lively every creature gets after a good rain.


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