Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cat Naps

Ever wonder where the phrase "cat nap" came from?

All you would have to do is to watch my barn kitties
and you would know how that phrase came to be!

I spent yesterday morning watering.
You see, we are going to Chicago for the rest of the week,
and I wanted to make sure that everything was drenched
one last time before we left.

So, I loaded up the gator with containers of water.

Bobby can never resist a big drink. 
 He is the only cat that I have ever seen
that loves water and doesn't mind getting wet.
But really, Bobby, do you have to drink out of the manure buckets?

My first stop was the grape arbor,
where I found TomTom....

You guessed it....taking a cat nap!

The grapes are looking good this year.

Some of the red seedless have begun to ripen.
The horsehair in the middle of the grapes is a bird's nest
made from mane and tail hair...found around the horses.

Hubbs and I built this grape arbor a few years back.
Eventually the grapes will cover the top...
making a grape covered room.
We had hoped that maybe the kids might eventually 
use this space for farm wedding ceremonies.

My next stop on the watering tour would be the orchards.
Once the fruit trees had been given a drink, 
we finished up in the vegetable garden.

This is what I found in my garden boxes....

TomTom in the broccoli

and Bobby in the tomatoes....

and Ella under the green beans....

all napping again!


Oh, and I found a couple of beautiful eggplants, too...
Next week I will pick them and make egg plant parmesan.

PS....I got back to the house after watering,
and it began to storm.

Go figure!


  1. Oh, I wish I were a cat for a day!

  2. Better to storm on damp ground..soaks in better..Have a safe trip...relax a little

  3. Love the cat nap. Could use one right now actually. It never fails, you go and water, then it rains. Come to think of it, my dh would use the blower to clean up leaves, then when he is all done, the wind kicks up and what do we have? More leaves.

  4. You take the best photos. I love all the cats taking their naps. That is the life. Oh, and the photo of the horse hair nest in the grapes is so sweet.


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