Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weaning the Babies

 Sissy and O'Malley's babies are now old enough to wean.

O'Malley will be so relieved!
She has not really enjoyed the whole nursing scene.
Her body is back to pre-pregnancy and she's ready to lose the udders.
"Whew! What a relief that will be!"
Sissy(black and white) and O'Malley (red) are BFFs....
and having babies put a rather big cramp in their style.
They will be moving to the pen next door...
complete with new hay rack (we just assembled last night).
Their babies will be in the yard next door
along with Nettie B.
Nettie B was on top of her house last evening
keeping an eye on things.
Meanwhile the dogs were running around outside the goat yard.
One of them startled Nettie, and she jumped off the goat house
landing on the ground in a "faint"....
those are her legs in the air, behind Sissy....
"Get up Nettie B," says Sissy, "you are embarrassing yourself!"

Things eventually calmed down enough for
Hubbs and I to get a little goatie lovin.

Even Sadie visited for a while...

Meanwhile, in the Nigerian yard, Spider and the girls are on high alert!
Have they spotted a bear?

No, that's just Maddie stopping by to say hello.

Goatie hugs to you, today, wherever you are.
Hope your day is wonderful!!


  1. Love the goats! Cute pictures of you and your hubby!!!!!

  2. Oh to have goatie hugs!!! And there is my Sadie, you made my morning with that picture. Hummm, wonder if I will ever have a few acres, but I'm lucky to live my dream lifestyle through your blog. Love all the pic's this morning.

  3. everybody needs a little goat lovin' have more than your share...nice pics..poor Nettie B

  4. I'm rewriting this..AOL is a mess today..anyhow..nice pics..thanks for sharing..everybody needs a little goat lovin' have more than your share..poor Nettie B..did she fall off the roof in a faint????

  5. Goats are so adorable. I wish we could get few! How long have you had goaties?


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