Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Up at the crack of dawn....

and out to do the animal chores.
Once those were completed, I headed to the garden to do some
watering, weeding and harvesting.
It was even too early for my usual help...

While so much of the country is dealing with storms and bad weather woes,
making gardening at best difficult;
we in the Northeast have been blessed with perfect spring and summer conditions.

My garden is maturing early this year,
thanks to an early spring, lots of warm, sunny days 
and the perfect amount of rain.

I have been able to start to harvest sugar peas, beets, green beans,
 broccoli, blueberries, black raspberries
while still getting asparagus, lettuce, rhubarb, and strawberries.

Here is one day's harvest...

Hickory says "Bleck!  vegetables!!"
"Where's the meat?"

Now, to pickle the beets,
make strawberry rhubarb jam,
and blanch the sugar peas to freeze.

PS....while I was harvesting a Northern Flicker was singing to me from the garden fence.
My camera was not close enough to get a picture this time....but I will get one some day.


  1. We had a wonderful spring till now. It has been so hot and humid the past couple of weeks our gardens are looking sad. We are enjoy the veggies from them but hope we get some rain so they can keep producing.

  2. I see Hickory has turned in to quit the Watch never know when a maurading veggie thief might sneak into your kitchen and abscond with your bountiful hearvest! lol!
    I think Hickory deserves a doggie treat!
    I have Garden Envy!!!!!want to swap! lol!


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