Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Together At Last!

I have been hesitant to put the "Bigs" and the "Littles"
together in the same pasture to graze...
fearing for the safety of my tiny horses.

That is until the other day, when I took the Bigs 
to the upper pasture and heard the cries of
the Littles as I led their friends away.

What I hadn't realize was that even though 
they were always separated by a fence,
these four equines considered themselves a herd...
a family.

So, yesterday I decided to try a joint turn-out.

I opened the gate to the front pasture....
and out went the Bigs.

Then I opened the gate from the Littles 
into the same pasture and let them out.

A few minutes of running...

was followed
by peaceful grazing,

and a little up close and personal discourse...

Oakley stayed close by to supervise....

Now I wonder why I waited so long to put them together
and witness their obvious camaraderie.

I get a lot of questions about what type of equines the Bigs and Littles are.  The Littles are actually horses.  They are miniature horses.  The Bigs are actually ponies.  Donnie Brascoe is a Shetland type pony and Moonbeam (the largest) is a Haflinger.  Haflingers are the smallest of the draft horses and are considered to be ponies.  Moonbeam stands tall enough to qualify as horse-sized, however.  So...the Littles are horses and the Bigs are ponies.....a bit confusing, huh?  


  1. How sweet, I bet you're so glad they get along. I love the picture of Ollie and Moonbeam checking each other out. I does make the littles seem so tiny though, no wonder you were worried about them.

  2. No worries! My 17+ hand draft and my 37inch mini are the best of friends. Once I witnessed the mini run completely under the draft's belly and out the other side in play! -which freaked me out. BUT, then I noticed how careful my draft is around the little guy, especially where he puts his big dinner plate feet. He is a great-(although huge!)-babysitter.
    What a beautiful picture of your bigs and littles together at last!
    Heather in PA

  3. togetherness..the best place to be

  4. Everybody got in on the act....so sweet! They are all happy as little la....opps, ponies, horses, dogs,cats etc. Ha!

  5. Oh, they look so cute together FINALLY! What a fun place you have with all your animals. I was so sorry to hear about Hank but not surprised.

  6. I love the pictures, especially the close-up of the big and little. I guess that we never know about something until we try it.

  7. They are so cute together. Glad they love each other and want to spend their afternoons as a group. Also, loved the story of Hank. We had a few like that (we played Rooster hockey for a couple of years until the one really mean one, Big Red, just went wild on Evy--had to go!)

  8. I see Tom Tom had to get into the act! lol!


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