Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sneak Peak...Berries

This is what my strawberry patch has in it right now....
lots and lots of blossoms.
And....some immature fruit.
In just a few short weeks we will be overflowing with red, ripe strawberries.

Oh,  I can hardly wait...
strawberry jam,
strawberry shortcake,
strawberry pie,
strawberries on our cereal,
strawberries on waffles,
strawberries on our ice cream,
strawberries and spinach salad.....

The possibilities are endless!

A few weeks after the strawberries are ripe,
the blueberries will come into season,
and then the blackberries.

Berry season on the farm....our favorite time of year!!
Berry season is a favorite time for the chickens, too.
We always keep a separate container for the chickens as we
pick berries.  Berries that have been bitten by bugs are 
given to the chickens as a tasty treat.


  1. Our strawberries are just about ready to pick here in SE Virginia. We've had to enclose them with netting to keep the free range chickens out. If we didn't, we wouldn't get a singe one! I'm really enjoying your blog. I love your animals.

  2. Oh Bev, I'm a little jealous right now. Since we just transplanted our strawberries, we're not getting as many as last year. Our blueberries still don't have any blooms on them, and we'll probably be gone when the blackberries will be ripe. Oh well, there is always next year...

  3. It will be close to a month before my strawberries will be ready to pick. I didn't get the netting on my blueberries early enough. The bird were busy with the flowers and they fell off early so who know if I will get any. It's that live and learn curve! Enjoy your berries and I look forward to some yummy photos.

  4. Yummy strawberries. The closest that I ever get to fresh strawberries are the ones that I purchase from the farmers at the farmer's market. I like berries and it doesn't matter what type of berry, You made my mouth water when you mentioned all the different foods that you either make or use the strawberries in or on.

  5. You are a lucky one to have strawberries growing and they look so healthy! I am dreaming of a strawberry pie right now!

    Happy I found your blog!


  6. WOW! Long growing season here but still we cant seem to grow strawberries!!! I remember you picking and using/putting up tons last year!!! I'm still a bit jealous about that! :)
    After all I do like strawberries better than cucumbers!!!!

  7. Okay it is only a week before winter officially begins here and I picked three strawberries off our plants not bad and quite sweet. It has been a warm Autumn down here in Tasmania.

    I hope one day to have kgs of strawberries too sigh.


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