Monday, May 3, 2010

Pour Yourself a Cup of Tea....This is a Long Post!

Little did I know, when I awoke on Friday morning, what an incredibly busy weekend it would be on the farm.  I tended to the animal chores as usual.  When I arrived back at the house for breakfast, I got a phone call from our local feed store, N.O. Bonsal and Sons, saying that our turkey poults and ducklings had arrived and needed to be picked up.

Oh my!  And I still had to get their houses ready.  The turkeys will be living in the house that the guineas abandoned, and the ducklings will be housed temporarily in the smallest henhouse.  Both houses needed to be stripped, cleaned and supplied with fresh bedding, heat lamps, water and feed.  Two hours later I was in the truck heading to pick up my tiny charges.

I am not sure what overcame me (it must have been insanity) but, the feed store had Ameracauna chicks and of course I had to buy 12 of those, too!  Afterall, they lay the prettiest green eggs.  And we NEED green eggs! (Oh, yea,...we don't know how many are hens and how many are be continued)

Home I headed with 31 birds on the backseat of my truck (of course they were in boxes!!).

 15 Adorable ducklings...

9 Black Cayuga 

and 9 Black Swedish
Aren't they just the cutest, ever?

4 Bourbon Red turkey poults

who are just the friendliest little critters...

A dozen Ameracauna chicks....

Oh goodness, so many babies to worry about, now!!

But wait, the weekend is not over!

Oakley is here to stay.  The adoption papers were signed Saturday morning.  Oh how happy we all are... me, Hubbs, Sadie, Maddie....and happiest of all, I think is Oakley.  He was our constant companion this weekend and a great help with farm chores.  He seems to have an innate sense that he is not to chase the farm animals.  He does love to chase rabbits, however, and went on many adventures through the woods after the hundreds of bunnies that call our farm home.
Getting his picture is a bit challenging....such enthusiasm...
He is one big lap dog.

Now, on to the rest of the weekend...
We planted, and planted and planted.

1 weeping willow in the field by the barn.
It is in the low point of the field that stays wet for a long time
after a rain.  Willow trees are excellent at drying out wet areas.

3 sweet gum trees along the barn drive.
4 apricot trees in upper orchard...along with...
2 English walnut trees
1 peach tree
1 plum tree
4 cherry trees

1 apple tree and 2 pear trees in the lower orchard

2 kiwi...a female and a male
2 more grape vines...all on the grape arbor...

2 more raspberry bushes
3 more blueberry bushes

2 zebra grass

2 hanging planters for the tack room/barn
These should fill in nicely with petunias
and over flow with sweet potato vines.
I saved the planters from another year...much cheaper to plant your own than to buy them!

We also started to landscape around the guest cottage
1 pine tree 
several perennials..
This is a work in progress that I hope to finish this week.

I also put a small perennial bed around our fake rock.
This rock hides the top of the well, along the driveway.

Then more work in the vegetable garden.
Some of the boxes are planted.
Sunday I put in 12 cabbages, 
a few squash,
 green beans, herbs,
 and a few peppers.

The rest are finally ready for planting.

Sunday's harvest....

22 dozen eggs cleaned and ready for market....

Oh, and Hubbs opened the pool....
Summer's coming....
Oh, and look at the surprise waiting for him beneath the pool cover as it dried on the lawn...
Needless to say, we drug our weary bones to bed early!


  1. Wow! You must be exhausted! I am just reading all that you accomplished in one weekend. Adorable new ducks and chicks! I bet Oakley thinks he is in heaven. And all that planting too. Take a break now if that is possible.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  2. Unbelievable how many things you got accomplishes this past weekend. You make me feel like a total slacker, not to mention bone tired reading about all of it. I envy you for having enough space to plant that many fruit trees, your orchard looks lovely.

  3. cynthia in denverMay 3, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    Where on earth did you get your energy?!?!? I'm exhausted just reading this post. Now after being up for 30 minutes, I may have to go back to bed after reading all you did!

  4. Whew! I'm tired now just from reading what you've done. I think I'll go take a nap! Welcome Oakley!

  5. Wow, I am impressed! I bet you are tired after that weekend, but baby animals always revitalize me. I love all of the trees you planted. It is just beautiful, but I have to tell you, that snake, creeps me out. What kind is it? Was it like 6 feet long?
    Love you posts Bev.
    Everything is beautiful!

  6. What a lovely group of new additions, well except for the last one. I'd still be running the other way if I had discovered him/her/it! : )


  7. OMG Bev. How exciting but yet so exhausting. Love the new chicks and can't wait to hear of the wonderful adventures on the farm. I am glad that Oakley is now a part of your family. We planted two oranges in our backyard (One naval and one blood orange tree). Your farm will be producing wonderful crops.

  8. OMG! Bev,
    I am exhausted & I am just looking at the pics! lol!
    Congrats on "Parenthood" lol! You just "quack me up", sorry couldn't resist!
    I found a pair(M & F) Kiwi plants(vines) at a local nursery, but at nearly $60 for the pair I decided to plant more fruit trees & save the kiwi for next years garden...
    Oh...also, I recently saw "raised garden beds" made with old wooden garage doors...I'll post pics on my blog later tonight! really cool idea for repurposing.
    hugz & miss ya mucho!

  9. Bev, Wow you are one busy gal! So glad to see your new additions. Lucky animals they are......
    Blessings, Dawn

  10. Oh my- I hate it when the snakes arrive!!! It's a drought here .. no rain in a while. No snakes till we get some rain.
    My what a weekend!!!
    I say your weary bones should sleep late too!!!!

  11. It was such a nice blog post ...too bad it had to be spoiled by a black snake...Doesn't encourage company!!!

  12. Ohhhh myyyyy, I don't like snakes!


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