Friday, May 7, 2010

New Faces, New Places

Who is this, amongst the 15 black ducklings?

Have two of them changed color?
No....there are two new little Pekin ducks.
You know, the white kind....
I went to the feed store for stall mats yesterday.
These two little fuzzy yellow ducklings followed me home.

And who is this?
My shadow?
Here is Oakley accompanying me on afternoon chore detail.
He is my constant companion...and good friend.
He (rescue dog) is working out just great!

And this handsome fellow??
Why, it is one of the Littles...Ollie...
with a haircut, his new spring "do".

And here are the "Littles" in their new summer home.
They seem to be enjoying the outdoor life.
They have explored every inch of their new dry lot.

I hope your Mother's Day is perfect.
Mine will be...all of our kids are coming home for the weekend.
So, I had better get busy....I have chores to do and lots
of food to cook!

Have a great weekend....see you again Monday!


  1. Cute, I like Ollie's new haircut. :-) Those baby ducks are adorable, where will you keep them when they are fully grown? I'm glad Oakley is such a great addition to your farm, he's a very lucky dog! Wishing you a very happy Mother's day, enjoy having all of your kids home!

  2. They followed you home!!! You must have been driving awfully slowly...Too much..always room for a few more..The littles look happy in their new digs..Never a dull moment on the farm....Have fun with the kids...Happy Mothers Day

  3. Thank you for all the pictures of the animals. I needed seeing them. I've been on such a rush that looking at your farm has a calming affect on me. Enjoy your family this weekend.

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you Bev,,,& let the family...inluding the 4-legged members, fuss over you.

  5. When I die I want to come back with your life. :-)

  6. Bev, they are so, love Ollie! I have been reading all your fun the one with the!



  7. A very happy Mother's Day to you Bev. I'm glad your kids can be home for it. Just want to thank you for this wonderful blog you put so much into. Love , love, love keeping up with life on the farm. Oh and congrads on the beautiful article in our local paper on your trip to Haiti. Very nice article. What a trip that must have been. I've been enjoying your pics and stories about it here on your blog. Thanks again.


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