Thursday, May 6, 2010

Never Enough Fences!

It seems like every summer brings another fencing project.
At the end of each project I say the same thing....
"Now we have enough more fences."
Then another summer comes along and we need another fence.

This year's project is construction of a second dry lot in the front pasture.
I would love to leave the mini horses outside at night.
It is so much cooler for them.
But to leave them out in the pasture just assures
that they will become obese.
So....another fenced-in area
 (with its own little run-in shed for inclement weather)
....the Littles will eat down what little grass is there....
and then the area will be filled with sawdust.

Yesterday our fence man came with his Belgian draft horses.

He uses these big boys to pull his post pounder.

They are amazing horses.
They work entirely on voice command,
and stand perfectly still while the pounder slams the posts into the ground.
In two hours time the entire fence was finished.

Even Donnie Brasco was amazed!
With the completion of this dry lot, we have room for
Donnie's sister Scarlet, who will be moving to the farm
in a few weeks.


  1. So nice that Donnie will have a little sister...the fence looks great..enjoyed seeing how it's done..thanks

  2. WOW, those Belgians are beautiful. I have been a draft horse lover since I was a little girl. It is amazing how they can be trained. Another spoiled animal joining the farm, how awesome!

  3. Can I have your ok , to cut and paste this post hole digger photo to my wish list? I own two Belgians and would love to find one of these, no you never have enough fences.


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