Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moving Day

Moving day for goats arrived this week.
The delivery room and postpartum pen is now
officially closed.

The babies and mamas are now back in 
our regular goat pens...

equipped with goat houses
for both shelter and fun!  

The move was uneventful, 
once the kids got the hang of marching
in a parade.
The moms will follow us anywhere...
as long as we keep the Ritz crackers coming!

Our babies are almost weaned.
They eat hay and pellets...
(Fred with a mouthful)

but still occasionally bother their Mom's
to nurse a bit.

Oh, they just grow up way too fast!!!


  1. As always, enjoy hearing what happens at Bee Acres. Glad that everything worked out.

  2. They do grow up fast, but they still are adorable. It is always a great day when I have a cup of coffee in hand and get glimps of your farm life. Thank you!


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