Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Hank Report...The Terror Continues

Looking down the barrel 

of a highly specialized,

very sophisticated

piece of artillery...

my only defense against...

a maniacal flogging rooster.

in the sights

of my trusty

Super Soaker.
It's the only way I can safely get
any farm chores done.
Otherwise, I remain

If you happen to see my Hubbs....
make sure you ask him
about the flogging he received 
this past Sunday.

Aggressive rooster...primal fear...bad language...

Not a pretty sight.

Oh yea....he says...
"I wasn't afraid, I was establishing dominance!"

(Too much testosterone around here if you ask me.)


  1. You are a much better person than I am. I love animals, I really really do, but Hank would have been chicken stock by now... Does the super soaker work?

  2. Yes, amazingly, the super soaker does work....as long as you have it with you at all times!

  3. That's what you need to do, show dominance, remember....you are leader of the rooster and the hens!
    Whatever you do, don't turn your back on a big bad bird!

  4. That's the trick..walk softly and carry a big super soaker!! Glad to see you are well armed.

  5. Love it!!!! I am still laughing!! Poor hubby!

  6. Oh gosh, you just made my day. I've had mean roosters before, and never thought to use a super soaker! Usually I just carried a big stick.

  7. And I was left in the gator with nothing to protect me but Mollie...while Hank was circling!!!! I'm not particularly interested in establishing dominence :)

  8. You would think that after several hits from the super soaker, Hank would have learned by now. I am sorry that you have to resort to a defensive mode in order to do your chores.

  9. hahaha! Poor Jack...
    Have you discussed this matter with TomTom...can't he & his "Posse" do anything!?!


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