Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Are These Goats Spoiled

Yesterday was a rainy day on the farm.
Do you know what spoiled goats get when it rains??
Room Service!
Fainting goats hate the rain.
They flat refuse to come outside...

Those chubby Dwarf Nigerians have not figured this tactic out, however.
They are like the postal service...
No rain, or sleet, or hail
will keep them

Oakley and Maddie could care less about rain.
They come along on afternoon chores...
ready for any adventure.

Even if it is just teasing the "Littles."

Maddie kept sticking her nose through the fence,
butting Red and Ollie,
then jumping back and barking at them.
Who knows what this game is....
but Maddie sure enjoyed it.
The Littles are not the least bit afraid of the dogs,
and enjoy an occasional game of chase.

PS: Oakley sure is a good boy!  He has made the transition into the family quite smoothly.  He is loving and full of fun.  His only bad habit is taking off through the woods after rabbits.  Luckily he never stays away for long.  We are extremely lucky to have found such a good boy.


  1. You certainly would not need TV at your house!..Fun...

  2. I agree with the goats; stay inside, but I don't get room service. Hummm, that must mean I'm not spoiled. I just love all the personalities of your critters!

  3. wow, I love your goats!!!How fun--all those little houses!!!

  4. Poor goats, some of us are just a little more nervous than others. Nobody wants to faint in the rain. You are such a sweetie to give them what they think they need!

  5. Ok that is just to dawgone funny! I think you are rightr, spoiled & loving it! Heck who wouldn't like room service on a rainy day! lol!


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