Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Toddler Play

Mama, don't let your toddlers play on the roof!

Here are our newest kids...Sally and Fred
and Sissy's twin girls
(who remain nameless, as they are sold)
having a ball on the roof. 
 They grow up too fast!

And look how big our first batch of babies has gotten.  They are teenagers now.  Myrtle's twin girls have already left for their new homes.  Here's Missy's handsome buckling.  He and Myrtle's buckling are awaiting new homes.

 Nettie B. is also staying here at Bee Haven Acres....along with O'Malley's Sally and Fred.


  1. Oh my goodness, they are so cute. If I had them for a day I could never sell them. Best I stay off the farm. I really enjoy your blog. So much fun going on there. Hugs, Deb

  2. Beverly, the babies are just too precious. They have such pretty color patterns and just so innocent. Again thanks for the smile you put on my face each morning.


  3. cute. I thought that it was so cute how one of the little brown and white kid is watching the others play on the roof. Probably thinking that it looks like so much fun and how can I can get up there to join in with the others. Love it.

  4. thanks for sharing the soon their little wagging tails

  5. How Sweet and beautiful!

    Can't wait till we get our 5 lil pygmy babies Saturday...they are 1 month of age!


  6. OK Bev,
    That was just tooooo cute! You can tell who wants to be the Boss! lol!

  7. What a wonderful life to wake up to so many lovable creatures! Cute, Cute, Cute!


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