Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Isn't It Early?

It seems to me to be a bit early.
Don't you think?
If memory serves me, I think our asparagus
usually doesn't emerge until May.

Not so this year.
It is up in full force...
offering its bounty daily.

You might notice that the dandelions behind it are also out 
in full force.
(Yesterday I just bought myself a new weed digger.
I think I'll be needing it!)

Also emerging are the sugar snap peas...




Very soon we will be consuming this wonderful bounty.
Then the freezing and preserving begins...
and continues through the rest of the summer.
The end result should be a pantry and freezer full
of luscious home grown food to get us through the winter.

Today I think I may try to create a leek and asparagus soup.
If it turns out, I will write the recipe and post it on my other blog.

Otherwise, you'll find me here.....weeding away!


  1. Oh yum, your asparagus is growing so nicely. How many years have you had it? We planted 10 two year old crowns this year and I was hoping I'd b able to harvest some. Sadly, the asparagus coming up is very, very thin and so I decided to not harvest any and just to let it get established. Hopefully next year...

  2. Your garden is sure growing wonderful. I know it is all because of Minerva's watch. The new outfit must have done it! I was hoping to get some asparagus starts this year but I think I've missed my chance. That darn rental house still has all my time. Keep the picture coming and happy weeding!

  3. I have just finished weeding! You are getting ready to start. I just wanted to say, "oh you poor thing!" but it is a wonderful thing to do just to be out in the sun, I can't wait to see how your leak and asparagus soup turns out.

  4. You are off to a great start, and way ahead of us. It will be a few weeks before we even see lilacs, but I do have dandelions....lol
    I am just so shocked at how quick you went from snow to spring!

  5. We have been noticing that despite the cold winter we had things are growing quicker than normal! Perhaps they are making up for lost time..?

  6. While you are weeding, don't forget that you can eat your weeds! Baby dandelion greens are a great salad addition, in fact, the whole thing is edible! :)

    Your asparagus is gorgeous - one day I'll have some land and time to put in long crops like that.


  7. It is early, my flowers are blooming all at once this year! I have planted my annuals almost a month early because I can, the weather is hot! No complaints...I'm just saying...it is early!

  8. We are in high asparagus season here in Indiana....I just can't stop looking at your lovely raised boxes! Drooling over here.

  9. Your garden looks so beautiful. We still have weeds and weeds. We will begin to plant June 1. Not a day before. I refuse to replant because of frost! Please post your recipe for the Leek and Asparagus soup. It sounds like a wonderful combination.


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