Monday, March 1, 2010

The Winter Olympics Continue.....

You might remember a post a couple weeks back about Bobby and his Olympic Training.  Bobby is a winter natural...with his warm furry coat.  Snow doesn't get him down.  He's out and about no matter what the weather.  Adventure is his middle name.  No height is too high... he loves to climb.  No speed is too great...he loves to go for gator rides...the faster the better....the wind whipping through his luxurious fur.

Lately we have noticed that he has a new talent.  He has been practicing and practicing and finally has perfected the art of walking on his "hands".

All that training makes a cat very thirsty.  A watering can full might be enough to quench his thirst!


  1. Gotta love him..when is he going to start balancing things with his back feet???

  2. ha ha ha! it! Smart kitty!


  3. Oh, Bev, do you have any idea why he is walking on his front feet? That is so funny! It's a good thing you carry a camera with you. You get the greatest photos and what crazy animals you have. They are a hoot!

    I think Bobby is the prettiest cat too. I love his long fuzzy fur!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. He is SOME cat that's for sure! I can't say that any of my cats would sit on a gator for a ride, and I am so amazed at him walking on his front legs!


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