Monday, March 15, 2010

Water Water Everywhere!

I am so happy to report that
after three solid days of rain,
our snow has melted! 
Our grass is even beginning to turn green.

This may seem like no big deal.
But, we have had snow on the ground,
with the exception of one unseasonably warm week
in January, since before Christmas.

I love snow, I am not complaining.
But....oh how I love Spring!

Unfortunately, with Spring comes showers.
With showers comes flooding.

We are a soupy mess right now.
The chicken yards are muddy.

Not that the chickens care.

They are just happy to be able to find the grass again.

The goat yards are muddy.

The goats care...they hate rain.

Two pregnant goats...stuffed into one avoid...
the rain!

The pond is almost overflowing.

The duck doesn't care...(about much of anything).

The pastures have rivers flowing through them.

The dry lot is a wet lot.
The horses are ok with that....they are one with the mud.
I just couldn't bear to take a picture of my muddy bedraggled boys...
You might think me a terrible mother.
Suffice it to say that right now you cannot tell
 what color any of the horses truly are.

 PS: my gator with its wonderful roof came back to me Saturday morning...
goodbye silly rain hats!
Thanks Tama and all of our friends at Valley Ag and Turf.
You keep us running in tip top shape!!



  1. My chicken run is a muddy mess too! I feel so bad for the girls. Planning on laying down straw today, hoping that's not going to add to the mess! Spring's a comin'!

  2. Oh wow Bev, you guys have had a lot of rain. Personally I don't mind the rain as much, but like you I can't stand the mud. Certain areas in our yard are very muddy, and wouldn't you know it, that's where our dogs decide to run around the most. Maybe it'll dry up some soon...

  3. I soo understand!! I anticipate spring, and sunny weather- and my whole body breathes a sigh of relief once warm is back in the picture!!!!
    Happy drying out time!!

  4. Looks like you live on gorgeous different from certainly have enough to keep you busy...

  5. We are having a dry spell, thank goodness, but after weeks of rain. Focus on green and no snow. I love the picture of the two pregnant goats in the same house. I hope you have a good week, sewing instead of farming. The best thing about rain.

  6. pretty much looks like that here too...I find myself walking through swarms of termite looking bugs..what are they???

  7. Bev., you take good care of all of your animals. We are supposed to have nice weather this week.

  8. Oh the Spring Rains!!! I think it goes April showers will bring May flowers. So it is March but I'm sure enjoying the green grass and all the flowers blooming. Even more come May! I love the pictures of the goats staying dry! My chickens are out no mater what the weather. With daylight savings time they sure wonder what I was doing opening there coop this morning while it was still dark out. Love your post, wish I could move into the corner of the property!!! I would work for keep! LOL


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