Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Smiles Guaranteed

A visit to the farm is sure to make you smile.... 
So who is smiling more....Donnie Brasco or Amanda?

Nettie B. or Amanda???

Ava or Amanda??

And then there is O' Malley....she is always smiling!

Hope wherever you are that you are smiling too!!  But if not, here's one for you.....



  1. Those were great, they sure put a smile on my face. :-) I especially like the last two pictures. Maybe you should do a calender with some of your great animal pictures one year...

  2. Those are some tough questions you posted this morning. The farm is the best, and you guys are too!
    Love you-MB

  3. Really cute pics! Love OMalley, that looks like a real smile to me! Great!

  4. Love the pictures. You made my day once again.

  5. Bev,
    Always fun to see all your animals, I miss the farm.
    And of course I had to make a visit to have a look at your aprons, which are the very best.
    Nancy Jo

  6. I'm smiling now - what great photos! They are all good but Donnie is the best. That guy is smiling!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  7. I love the pics... who would think that goats can smile..... makes me chuckle to see them....


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