Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Retirement, Makeovers, and Barn Kitties

Yesterday I had the opportunity to look after Becky's animals.  Becky is Hubbs' sister..."Dr. Becky" as we call her.  She is also our vet and shares the land of our farm.  Yesterday Dr. Becky was out of town and needed her animals tended during the day.  This gave me the chance to catch a few photos of her horses and dogs.  I especially wanted to share with you one of her 3 horses.... Duffy.  

He is an old man, now... retired from giving lessons and jumping fences.  
Becky tells how, in his prime, he could jump with even the most novice of riders
on his back and not lose his rider.  
He would adjust his body beneath his rider to
keep them in their saddle.
His only job these days is that of companionship for her other horses, 


and Ava.

His temples are grey,

his athletic stature is long gone.
But he is full of love and kindness.... and still rules the barnyard.

Here are Dr. Becky's canine pals...

(from left to right...Monty...ignoring, Rosie...smiling, and Indy...staring)

Maddie before.....

Maddie after......
Ahh, so much cooler for warmer weather!
Look how much smaller she looks without her hair.

Barn Kitties
Here are my two fearless barn kitty boys, along with me to feed the 
Dwarf Nigerian Goats.

Bobby, the fearless, was not at all afraid of the goats...

not even after he was butted by Star (he got just a little too close to her food.)

Personally, I'd be a little intimidated by all those horns!
That's Bobby the Fearless....afraid of nothing and no one!


  1. Fun, Fun, Fun!

    Love the horses too....so pretty!


  2. Love Bobby with the wind in his hair. Looks like he should have a cape on.

    Sweet pictures, thanks for sharing.


  3. Poor Duff..he looks a little rough..I know he took good care of me..Bobby is such a ham..looks more and more like Max..good buddies

  4. Oh Bev, if I didn't live clear across the US I would be there in a heart beat to take over the duty when you or Dr. Becky need a day off. Love the pics today but must admit I had to chuckle at Maddy's new hair cut. Hopefully she doesn't think she is naked. Too fun!!!

  5. hey Bev,
    tell Maddy, hair cuts have begun here too! The "girles" Dolly & Peekie got their Lion Cut haircuts and look cut...

  6. Thanks for sharing Dr. Becky's animals. Duffy is so cute even with his gray hair (just like me except I color mine!) What did you do to your poor doggie Maddie? I'm sure her fur will grow out but that is pretty short. Bobby has the most beautiful fuzzy fur! He's one handsome cat.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)


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