Thursday, March 11, 2010

House Cleaner Needed!

Yesterday was yet another day of 60+ degree weather.
Another day of spring fever!!
And spring fever means house cleaning.
Unfortunately, the lucky recipient of the housecleaning was not me.
No, the log home is last on the list.
Yesterday the chickens , the horses,

and the goats got clean houses.

I removed all of the old bedding and replaced it with fresh, dry shavings and hay, 
while Becky gathered her power tools 
and got to work reinforcing walls.
A little repair work needed to be done to the goat house.

It seems that Missy and Myrtle have a habit of head-butting the
divider between their quarters....
sort of like two women sharing one kitchen!!

Today is to be the start of several days of rain.
Unfortunately, my gator is in the shop for maintenance and I have a loaner....
without a windshield or roof.
I am thinking of borrowing this hat from my dear friend Anne.....

After I dry off, I suppose it will be time
 to clean the farm house.
Any volunteers??


  1. Love your sense of humor! Yes, I would love to help...never minded that part...would rather do that than!!


  2. It started to rain (off and on) here on Monday and it's supposed to be like this for another week. Wouldn't you know it, spring break starts on Monday and we'll be stuck inside.. Maybe we need to find ourselves some hats like your friend and just wear those around. ;-)

  3. Hasn't it been wonderful to have 60 degree weather again? Yeah for Spring.

  4. I'll come help if you bake me some of those yummy buns you made last week....I'll even bring some of my canned plum jam....
    hugz & miss ya mucho

  5. I have a wonderful idea! Lets get all your blog friends together to do the house cleaning! Wouldn't that be a wonderful party and I'm sure we would get the work done in a split second. Then we would have time to visit, laugh, and of course you did say you were baking!!! I see the fun already!! Enjoy!

  6. a few months ago a bunch of us were laughing our faces off about those umbrella hats! remember the plastic rain bonnets with visors? LOL.

    clean houses for everyone. you're a good "mommy."

  7. I'll come clean up with you too!! Then you can come here and do mine!


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