Monday, March 8, 2010

Gearing Up For Spring

Finally, after so many months of snow and Winter's icy grip, we were treated to a balmy, sunny weekend.  Ahhhh....the promise of Spring....a much needed gift was bestowed upon us this weekend.  And we took full advantage of it.  We shed our coats and hats and gloves.  We rolled up our sleeves and felt the warmth on our skin.

We climbed into the tractor and gator and moved some earth.  Finally, the ground was thawed enough to finish filling our garden boxes with topsoil and manure.  When the boxes were full, we began to move some mulch to cover the weed barriers between the boxes.  I am so excited!  I have great hopes and dreams for a beautiful garden... of cedar garden boxes overflowing with ripe, juicy produce and a rainbow of flowers to cut and bring into the house.  I imagine soft, mulch covered pathways between the boxes that remain free of weeds.

I have drawn a map of the garden and planned what will be planted in each garden box.  My seed order arrived last week.  In the next several weeks, I sow my seeds in tiny pots and place them on warming mats under grow lights.

Once the seedlings have taken hold, I will transfer them to the greenhouse where they will become accustomed to cooler temperatures.  By May, it will be time to transfer all plants into the garden where they will grow and bear fruit... with the hopes that our harvest will nourish us for the coming year.



  1. I would love to have a green house...maybe one day. Right now I would settle for garden the house is finished my husband back to the wheelbarrow...I can grow lots and lots in the wheelbarrow !!! Will take a pic this year...

  2. Look at all your seed packets... I wish my garden was as large as yours. How big are your veggie beds? Are all of them (cedar) raised beds? I bet your garden will be lush and beautiful!
    Isn't is wonderful how good the sun feels after weeks of dreary and cloudy weather?

  3. How wonderful it will be to watch your seeds germinate and grow fruiting and harvesting. For my garden this year has not been brilliant, but we have great tomatoes, and silverbeet, garlic, lettuce and my herbs are doing well. The french tarragon is growing well and I will get a lime of my
    I do admire you boxes, and how many you have. May all your seeds germinate. I too love it when the first tempting sun hits after winter, my sap begins to rush to my brain and I want to plant stuff right

  4. I can't wait to see your garden. My son has a small garden. His plants are in old wine barrels. We almost broke down and purchased a greenhouse for the backyard, so that we can have a larger garden. We have about 3 blueberry plants, which are just bearing some fruit. I enjoy eating fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden.

  5. It is always so exciting to get started on the gardens in the Spring! I have not really done it for several years but I will this year, in a little way. I have two raised beds by the garage that have been flowers but I am making some room for some vegts again this year. I have two beds in front to tear out so I can move some plants from there. It is going back down into the 30's during the day again so I should just start seedlings! :D Have fun planning and planting.

  6. new seasons bring new chores..I spent the afternoon in the yard yesterday..winter took it's toll this year

  7. I am so glad you got a taste of spring this weekend. I love your raised beds! I keep trying to get excited about my garden this year, but alas having no luck. I can't wait to see pictures this summer of your garden, how did your stuff do in your basement? Your spinach and things?

  8. Looks like you ARE ready for spring!

  9. Oh Bev,
    I am 'Green' with envy...and can hardly wait to get going on my Karen said, we are back down into the 30's at night. Sunday we took advantgae of nice weather & had a work day at Meri & Evans. Yesterday was rain & tomorrow is snow..oh joy...
    Looking forward to my first Dirt Manicure of 2010.


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