Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Garden Party

The really warm weather that we had last week may be gone for now, but signs of Spring still remain.  This past weekend Hubbs and I finished moving oak bark mulch into the vegetable garden.  (A big thanks to our adopted "son" Tim for moving many loads of mulch last week!)  This mulch covers weed barrier and provides soft and comfortable footing for the gardener (me).  Last summer was a constant battle between me and the weeds...unfortunately, the weeds won.

This summer I am well armed.  My battles will be on small fronts....much more manageable.  We have constructed garden boxes of cedar.  Cedar holds up in moist conditions.  Although treated pine is less costly, treated wood leaches nasty chemicals into the soil...and into the food.  In our quest for organic farming, we decided upon using cedar.   Most of my vegetables, except corn and tomatoes and asparagus, will be planted in elevated beds within these boxes.  Weed pulling is now ergonomic.

Last week I planted spring onions, yellow onions, and white onions in the onion box.  Another box was planted with sugar peas and radishes.  Soon I will put in beets and spinach.  Then comes lettuce, carrots, and plants started from seeds.
 The onions have already emerged.

As well as a couple of tiny weeds....weedlings.....

In the greenhouse, broccoli, tomatoes and peppers are started.  
Each tray has a warming mat beneath it to keep the soil warm.
This hastens germination.
These veggies take the longest to they are started early.  In a couple of weeks, I will sow seeds in pots for flowers, herbs, cucumbers, gourds, squashes, and cabbage.  All of these will be transplanted into the garden boxes when the threat of frost is over.  I do, however, have the option of planting them into the boxes earlier and tenting with plastic tiny greenhouses.

The broccoli has only 2 days time!
I am so excited for this garden to make its transition into summer.  I will share lots of pictures when everything is green and growing.  Perhaps we'll have a garden party!  Oh, won't you join us?



  1. Your garden and your cedar beds are wonderful. Looks like something Martha would have. :-) Wish we had a large area for gardening like that, but we just do the best we can with what we have...
    Watching seedlings grow amazes me every year. How something can grow from a tiny seed to a wonderful, useful plant is one of the greatest things. Can't wait to see your garden during the summer, count me in for the garden party. :-)

  2. will you have to water all that by hand or do you have a sprinkler or trickle hose system???

  3. I have three tall sprinklers that will be set up to cover all of the boxes. We have a faucet from our well next to our garden and run several hoses off of that faucet.

  4. Looks great Bev. That is my oldest son's dream to have a nice large garden like yours. Of course I would like one as well. Looking forward to seeing your garden grow.

  5. Look at all your hard work!! Come summer you will have a bountiful. Please count me in for the garden party if only in spirt! And what a party it will be! Spring is so fun!

  6. It looks gorgeous! So much better than the hula-hoe even if it is a wonderful invention. I am thinking of seeing if I can just have mine attached to the end of my arm.
    I would love to come to a garden party. Have a great day!

  7. What beautiful beds! I envy that gorgeous garden! It's wonderful to see little spouts coming up....I am amazed they can get around all the rocks! Can't wait to see it all in full 'bloom'.

  8. I am definitely working on something similar. I am so tired of the weed and grass in the garden which came about after the 5yr drought we had plus my hubby cutting the grass in the garden! This week where I don't have patches of veggies I have placed huge sheets of plastic down to kill off the weeds/grass. Hopefully I will be able to have all of this done for the fall. My garden has not grown very much at all, but I'm not the only one so I hear.


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