Friday, March 26, 2010

Berry Good For Everyone!

What are the Dwarf Nigerians so interested in?

Perhaps it is the fact that there are some visitors in their yard....
some really BIG visitors!

If you have read this blog for a while you may remember me talking about goats and parasites.  Basically, if you have goats, they probably have parasites.  We worm our goats and do stool checks routinely.  We move them from yard to yard always trying to stay ahead of the parasites.  Right now we are getting ready to move goats again, so we have called in reinforcements to help clean up the goat yards.

According to Dr. Becky, these parasites are species specific.  The best way to rid an area of the parasites is to move another species of animal in to graze the area.  Hence....horses in the goat yard.  These parasites will not infect the fact, the horses ingest them and the worms die.  Donnie and Moonbeam are more than happy to partake in this task.  Afterall, because of all the little fertilizing goat berries, the goat yards have the lushest green grass of the whole farm.

Even the "Littles" get in on the action.  Normally, the Nigerians have access to all three of these yards.  They are all in a row and connected by gates.  Today the gates are closed.  The "Bigs" have access to one of the yards and the "Littles" are occupying the other.  A couple of hours of grazing in the morning and again in the evening leaves the goat yards looking like they've been mowed.  Good job, boys!!
Donnie has a fascination for the "Littles".  It's love at first sight!



  1. Can they come over and mow for me...about two acres, I will send them home very happy? :)

  2. interesting..I'll need to mow very soon..I'm just putting it off..have to go get gas for the mower...

  3. Isn't it funny how nature can take care of itself. I love the pictures of the animals but also the look at your place and the layout. I'm still living my farm life through yours. Thanks so much!

  4. The house and barn on these pictures is Becky's. My log home is on the other side of the woods.

  5. You learn something new every day. I didn't know that the parasites affected the goats but not the horses. Using the horses is a clever way to clean up the area.

  6. Bev, I "left" you a Easter basket over at my place, maybe you would like to participate...


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