Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Babs, The Wonder Chicken

Do you remember Babs?  

She is one of my fancy Polish crested chickens that I started from chicks last May.  Babs was low chicken on the totem pole.  Invariably, I would find her hiding in the henhouse...avoiding contact with all her fellow hens....fearful of being pecked to death.

 She is also unusual in that she does not shy from human contact.  In fact, she seeks it.  It has been her habit to come to my feet as soon as I enter the henhouse, to be picked up and loved for a few minutes.

Months ago I relocated Babs to the henhouse where my August chicks were growing.  She got along nicely there and continues to live there with 10 hens and Kenny Rogers (rooster).  Each day she comes to my feet and asks to be picked up.  We talk, we take a short walk and then she is ready to be put back down again.

Yesterday was such a lovely day that I let Babs and her girlfriends out of their yard.  They spent the afternoon rummaging through the leaves, eating bugs and grass, and investigating the world outside the henhouse.

When I walked down to check on them, 
Babs came running up to me.

  I picked her up.  
We talked.  
We walked.  
Babs rode on the gator.  

Then back with her flock she went.

She is a most unusual chicken....the only one out of my 80+ girls who behaves this way.  I often wonder what she thinks when I walk into the henhouse.  She is quite the talker, though, and always has lots of tales to tell me (usually stories about Kenny Rogers and the other hens).  And then we both cackle!



  1. Our Babs was Miss She was the star of the barn. A very plain turkey..nothing special about her..other than she loved people. She would sit on the seat of the farm truck and tour around like it was normal for a turkey to do that.People just loved seeing her and all the attention she got she literally gobbled up. We still have people mention what a hoot they got from her all those years. I sure would have liked to know what she thought of her
    Babs sounds so much like our What a fun time.
    Judi B.

  2. Babs and Rod Stewart are my all time favorite chickens! They just make me smile every time you post a picture of them...

  3. I've never seen that breed! That's awesome! Ya' think she may be the spirit of a past loved one? Favorite dog? She does seem to carry this stance as if she just knows she's the ' only one ' ! LOL

  4. Babs is a cutie! I have a chicken that does the same thing. She follows me around and when I am sitting outside enjoying the day she hops up in my lap. My friends and MOST of my family think I'm a bit I'm so glad I'm not alone.. We are crazy together..yeah... a fellow crazy woman! Gotta love it.... huh? My hen's name is Ruby... Well enjoy your day and your chickens... thanks for the enjoyable post..

  5. How cute - Babs is like a doggie! The sun is shining here. It's suppose to be beautiful out today. Happy St. Patrick's Day Bev!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  6. and you say you have no one to talk to!!!

  7. What an adorable post! Babs looks like she is having fun on the gator and she is, of course, looking gorgeous on it too. It's interesting that she likes you to pick her up and hold her. That's very unusual but how lucky for you!

  8. Hey Bev,
    tell Bab's, I think she is most Lovely...
    Now don't laugh, Gary & I were watching PBS last nite, about Guinneas, Roosters & Hens.
    In one of the clips they did a docit on this lady who had a white Chinese Bantam(?) that she treated & pampered as if it were a poodle!, right down to putting little panties(w/a diapie) on her hen. She took it in the pool with her. It lived in the house w/it's own special bed/nest.. and she would bath it w/baby shampoo & blow dry it's feathers...She even took it shopping with her & carried it in one of those 'doggie purses'...and for a special treat, would buy a McD burger & give it a few piece of the bun! I kid you not, had I not seen it I would not have believed it...please, I know you love bab's, but don't OD! lololol!
    hugz from us to you, oh and do I need to send Bab's an e-mail about the 31st? hee hee hee!

  9. I only have a few hens that like to be picked up. Two Toe (missing half a toe) always runs to me like Babs. She cocks her head and looks and looks at me. I love the hens that are so personable.

  10. Awwww.....Babs is so cute. I think that it is so sweet that she wants to be held and talked to and that she tries to talk to you. Now, it is even more special since I am part Polish.

  11. Babs is a beauty! I use to have 2 reds that were friendly too. They loved to be petted and picked up.

  12. That is so cute! When our chickens hear my hubby's truck they come running!

  13. Loved your last line "Then we both cackle" gave a little cackle on that line myself.

    Thanks for being there when I get here.

  14. I stumbled across your blog, I think through Mary Jane.

    In the past few weeks, I seek out your blog just before bed. You see, I work with the sordid members of society, and my spirit is sometimes disheartened after a day at work. These photos and stories of your pets ease my mind so I can sleep peacefully.

    Thank you for the calm.

  15. Oh Babs, you have made my day! And to think someone told me chickens were dumb. She just proved them wrong. Way to cute!!!!

  16. So glad to see Bab strutting her stuff, she and Kenny will get on like a house on fire I am sure. Lovely to have one chook who thinks she is human. What a delightful hen.


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