Monday, March 22, 2010

Babs, Continued

I am sure that by now you know how much I love my chickens.  You have to have figured out by now that my favorite is Babs.  She just amazes me....she is so non-chicken-like.  Lately when her henhouse pals are out free ranging in the woods, Babs is usually hanging out close to or inside the henhouse.  She is definitely a loner.  Perhaps she doesn't see herself as a chicken.

This weekend Hubbs was putting new poles up for a clothesline and of course Babs was there to supervise.  She spent her time pecking around, eating grass and communing with Maddie and Sadie.  You may not believe me when I say that the dogs and chickens mingle without I took pictures as proof.
Maddie and Babs are buddies.
If Maddie were to turn around and walk away,  Babs would follow.
She never minds being picked up....
She just nestles in and enjoys the ride.
No fear when nose to nose with Maddie.....
Special friends!

By the way....Spring has sprung on Bee Haven Acres!!!



  1. The last picture is priceless!! It would make the perfect card or calender page. :-) I wish I wouldn't have to worry about our dogs and chickens, but Savvy's herding instinct are just so strong. I bet your new cloths line will be great. How long is it?

  2. The clothesline is 2 lines side by side that are each 50 feet long.

  3. Those two are so cute together! Love it when they usually aren't suppose to get along....get it!


  4. Love the bonding between Maddie and Babs. The pictures tell it all.

  5. love the first picture of headless Babs..she doesn't think she's a chicken because she looks better than most

  6. I am so happy " Spring has Sprung." I felt guilty crowing about spring over here in California. Babs is just the best. Her feathered hat just cracks me up every time. Have a good week Bev.

  7. Babs is too cute! I love her "hair". I can see why she is your favorite. Some just have such personality! I used to have one that loved to be picked up. Gotta love em.

  8. I love your chickens too Bev! And Babs is just so cute and so is Maddie!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  9. Okay I have been asking and asking for a clothesline......if you get one so can I.........Sam has a new job on his "honey do list"!!


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