Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tyrannosaurus Hank

Did you know that scientists have analyzed the DNA found in the skeletal remains of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and found that the modern day animal that has the most similar DNA is the chicken??  It's true!  And after this weekend, Hubbs will swear it so.  Our Hank, who you may recall, is our dominant, aggressive rooster.  You know, the one who ran poor Rod Stewart out of the henhouse!  Yes, cocky old Hank...the lone wolf.  You don't mess around with Hank....just ask Hubbs.

Sunday morning, Hubbs was doing the farm chores to give me a much needed break (yes, the man is a saint!).  

Well, it seems he went into the chicken pen where the "Fancies" and Hank live.  He spread a little scratch and cleaned the nesting boxes.  On his way out the door he felt a sharp peck on the back of the legs.  He turned to see Hank flying up towards him with his spurs outstretched....on the attack.  (Chickens have three toes in the front and one toe and one spur on the back of each foot.

 Hubbs took his manure rake and defended himself....blocking Hank from stabbing him in the legs.  Hank attacked again.  Then Hubbs did the only thing left to do.  He let out a loud "Er-er-er-er-Errrrrrrr"....his best crow that he could muster.  This caught Hank by surprise and Hubbs narrowly escaped out the chicken door....legs intact.

This is the first time Hank has attacked one of us.  He is quite bossy and pushy with other chickens.  But until now, he has only tried to dominate the birds.

So.....why did Hank turn into a Tyrannosaurus on Sunday?  Was it the bright orange gloves that Hubbs was wearing to clean the henhouse?

  Was it just a little too much testosterone for one chicken pen?  Perhaps we will never know.  From now on, maybe Hubbs should wear spurs, too......to even the playing field!!



  1. Oh no, what will you do if Hank keeps getting more aggressive?

  2. Our chickens were free range, and when we would put their feed out, and they came running, I always thought of the dinosaurs running in the movie Jurassic Park! lol We did have to get rid of our rooster b/c he got really cocky. He never spurred me or my husband, although he tried to threaten us often, but he got the kids a number of times! My sister said she 'cured' her rooster of this habit by putting him in the middle of her yard in a small cage (in warm weather) by himself, and didn't speak to him when feeding and watering. Somehow he knew he was being punished, I guess, b/c when let out, he didn't go after her young children anymore. Good luck with yours...I always let mine 'know' I was bigger than him by stomping toward him if he even looked like he was thinking of coming near me! lol

  3. lol..cute post. Thanks for the tip on the hummingbird feeder...I will check out Audoban...

  4. Who knows what Hank was thinking! The orange gloves may have been the instigator though!

  5. Ouch, so glad Hubbs could muster out his best Rooster call. Those roosters are strange fellows. Maybe just protecting his girls.

  6. My grandmother was spurred by a rooster as a young girl and carried the scar until the day she died. I'm scared of them. With that said, I love chickens. Just don't want a Tyrannasaurus Hank in my hen house!


  7. That is too bad, I am rooster free just because mine once he started spurring me just got worse and worse. Even though he doesn't live here anymore, I still find I am guarding my legs every time I go into feed. Mine was a banny too.
    It could be also it was your husband and not you. He might have thought he was a predator. I know my rooster hated my kids more than me.

  8. Hey Beverly, I've got an award for you over on my blog. Have a wonderful day!

  9. ROTFLOL too funny! Wow, would have guessed?

  10. He wanted you..not Hubbs..but just in case..you be careful


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