Friday, February 26, 2010

Mischievous Kids

Oh, those kids have grown so much and now are getting into all kinds of trouble.  Here is Myrtle's buckling on top of the hay feeder.  I guess it tastes much better when eaten from the top down.  Missy is saying "Myrtle, your son is on top of my hay feeder, could you please get him down!"  Myrtle just rolls her eye (yes, I said eye....she only has one!)  Then before you know it, his sister has joined him.  Oh my these two are trouble with a capital "T"!!

Now this looks like something fun to play with!
I think not, little fellow!
The fainters are quite agile climbers when they are tiny.  This phase is short lived however.  Soon they will keep all four feet on the ground....except when they faint...and then all four feet are in the air (pointing toward the sky).



  1. Those little goats look like so much fun... I wouldn't get any chores done, I would just have to sit an watch them. Very, very cute.

  2. ha ha ha! They sure do love to climb and so cute, so it is hard to scold!!...right!


    p.s. keep them it!

  3. Hilarious post! - I'm glad it's perfect browsing weather so I can catch up on my favorite sites!

  4. Wow! They do look like trouble. My mom had three sets of twins (yes, real baby twins)and she used to say what one didn't think of the other one did! Looks like that could apply to your twins. Enjoy....and thanks for sharing.

  5. These little guys are just the cutest, wish I could be there to see them in person.


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