Thursday, February 18, 2010

Got Treats?

We keep two stalls of the barn open to the dry lot during the winter so that Moonbeam and Donnie can access the barn to get our of the harsh winter weather.  I feel better knowing that they each have a dry, comfortable place to lie down and rest.  Each evening I muck those stalls (because for some reason they think that the purpose of the barn is for bathroom duties) and get them ready for the night.

Yesterday evening while I was cleaning stalls, Moonbeam would not leave me alone.

 He knows that I very often have treats in my pockets and he was bound and determined to get some treats.  He did his level best to drive me crazy, I think....biting the manure rake, stealing my glove (right off my hand) and grabbing my hat.

Ok, buddy, you want my hat?  Here you go....

I must smell like their favorite treat....frosted mini wheats.  I always have a pocket full of wheaty crumbs (imagine what happens to Frosted Mini Wheats in the pocket when the jacket goes through the laundry!)

The funny thing is....we don't even eat Frosted Mini Wheats.  But, I  buy them at the grocery store...just for the horses.  And no, they're NOT spoiled!!!


  1. Nope, not spoiled at all. The hat looks really nice. Gives him a rather dashing look.

  2. Thanks for my regular morning dose of cuteness.

  3. You are so welcome. Cuteness is our specialty!!

  4. Moonbeam is not spoiled. I buy gallons and gallons of apple juice (don't tell my husband) and add it to my horse's stall water so that he will drink. He drinks just fine outside....that's spoiled. My other horse must have her juice in the mornings after her breakfast. What can I say they are my babies.

  5. there isn't a feather,or fur,or skin or hide on that farm that isn't spoiled..Love it

  6. So cute!


    Please come and visit me...I have a "Sunshine Blog Award" for you!

    Thank you!


  7. Your animals are the definition of spoiled!! But oh so loved!!! Love the hat, calendar stud portfolio here he comes. I'd be thinking of publishing!

  8. You made my day. Moonbeam sure is cute and funny. Those close-up shots are a hoot.


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