Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And Then There Were Five!

The stork has been extra busy this week!

Two more kids have been born at Bee Haven Acres.

Missy gave birth to her girl, one boy,

and they are quite striking looking...with blue eyes.

Mama and babies are doing great.

Here is a peek into their warming hut.....
Isn't she adorable? Check out that little white spot on her chin...
Her brother is quite curious....and that white spot on his lip is a little milk residue.
Got Milk?
He is quite leggy and has wonderful color!


Jamie said...


kpaints said...

They are just adorable! She is a bit shy, huh?

Anonymous said...

wow...too dear..wish I could see them...Blizzard and stormy

sgtempleton said...

What do you do with the goats? Are they milk or meat animals? I'm just courious as I would love to have some goats but not sure I could part with them for profit.

Beverly said...

We sell our goats for pet, show and to others who breed the fainters. We carefully screen our buyers....don't want any of them even considering eating our little lovlies!!!

Sandy said...

What does it mean "breed the fainters"? These babies are just adorable. I like goats they seem to be like dogs - very friendly.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Kelly or Alex said...

I swear he is smiling. What beautiful babies. I really like the heated hut idea. Is that a blue 50 gallon drum with the bottom cut out? It will be so cold here when our babies are born. We thought about having heat lamps hand over the kidding/lambing pens for warmth.


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