Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I must share with you that as I write this post I am aware of a crust of sawdust within my nostrils, flakes of sawdust in my hair and ears, and I am sure that when I get undressed tonight, there will be sawdust in my underwear. Today and tomorrow I am working on new footing in the horses' dry lot. This is an area where they hang out when they are not in the pasture. Over the past few years this area has experienced a bit of erosion. To combat the erosion, I had a load of stone dust spread over the dirt. Now I am covering the area with a soft bed of sawdust.
After hours of spreading that sawdust (I never thought to use the tractor....but did it all by wheelbarrow), I brought the "Bigs" back into the dry lot. I thought they would show their obvious pleasure by rolling and playing in it....not so.....
instead, they smelled it, dropped a load of manure and went into the barn looking for hay. A bit disappointing....oh well, they might not realize it now, but they will eventually be thankful that it is there!
No, that's not my nose, it's Donny Brasco's nose!


  1. LOL! Isn't that the way it goes?! You do something nice and they dump a load!!! They will be happy later I'm sure.

  2. Girl, always and I do mean always think tractor first! Your back will love you. Come spring the horses will be glad to be high and dry.

  3. Another enjoyable post - thanks!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)


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