Thursday, January 7, 2010

King of the Hill

Rod seems to have adapted to living in the barn quite nicely.
He has claimed the hayloft as his kingdom
and reigns from high atop the hay pile.
Each night he climbs high up to his throne...
and each morning,
stands and crows from his lofty chamber.
If the weather is nice, he goes outside, if not, he just hangs out in the barn....with frequent visits from the kitties. He has plenty of fresh water and food and plenty of space to roam. I think he is quite happy with this arrangement...although life would be perfect if only he had a female companion. We'll have to think about that one. For now, he seems happy enough in his bachelor pad.
For those of you just tuning in for the first time, Rod used to be called Phyllis. That was before she became a he. She became a he when she started to crow one day (much to my surprise!) Rod is a white Polish Crested chicken and he used to live with a group of fancy chickens and one showy rooster named Hank. But, alas, Hank pulled rank on Rod, beat him senseless...repeatedly. Now Rod is in the Chicken Protection Program (ie....relocation from henhouse to barn). His only complaint with the current living situation is the obvious lack of female companionship....Rod has one and only one thing on his mind most days...but then he IS a rooster!


  1. I don't know what it is about Rod, but I just love him. Maybe it's the "80's hair"...

  2. LOL! Poor Rod, maybe he can get a female in the future.

  3. Poor Rod...he's too cool..If he doesn't get a friend soon, he's going to need a Rooster fun to be alone all the time..he's so cute

  4. Oh, don't worry, he spends his days hanging out with the other chickens....through chicken wire. He will be able to mingle when the weather is a bit nicer and there is grass for them to free range.... Rod is doing shrink needed.

  5. I just love your Rod. He is so adorable. I'm crossing my fingers that he finds a lady-friend soon!

  6. He should be happy, tell him the other possibility is freezer camp and see if his crow changes tune then. I love the Chicken Protection Program. Good one.


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