Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Still Winter!

Have you ever noticed that as soon as Christmas is over,

stores and catalogs start showing spring and summer wear?

They call it cruise-wear or resort-wear....

as if everyone heads to a warmer climate after the holidays.

Well....not us,

not here at Bee Haven Acres.

No, we remain in our thermals, wool sweaters, hats and gloves

until the weather starts warming....sometime in April.

Not to be outdone by the goats,

our chickens had a bit of a fashion show, themselves, yesterday.

They refused to model resort wear, though,

and stuck to winter basics instead.

Modeling the latest in henwear are


and Natasha.
Many thanks to fellow blogger Anke of Our Piece of Heaven
for knitting these wonderfully fashionable scarves
for our turkens (Transylvanian Naked Neck Chickens).
Anke was amongst the few of you who thought that
our dear gals needed some warm neckwear for winter.

I think you may have found a niche market Anke....
You might be on to something here!
And yea, for not sending us any resort wear!!

PS...Hubbs thought I should call this piece "Hot Chicks in the Country".
Again, I repeat....this is a family rated blog.


JudiB said... the scarves..what a hoot!!
Just went to the feed store yesterday to get yet another pair of winter gloves..not shorts!Geesh!!
We are into our Jan. thaw so it is a mess..ugh!!Hate to say it but would like some snow to clean things up

Judi B.

Kelly or Alex said...

What a great idea for the turkens. Do you think she could knit little tiny turken hats too? Just think about little leg warmers. :)

Anke said...

That is too funny! Hope it keeps them cozy... :-) No cruise wear here either, even though our freezing temps are supposed to come to an end.

Julie said...

Tell hubbs "Hot chicks in the country" sounds great! Loved the fashion show!

Anonymous said...

Hubs has some good ideas..Next will be booties and about ear muffs????

Junebug said...

Oh my gosh, what a great idea. Some people are so creative and this is a fun creation. I know the turkens love them and yes they are "Hot Chicks".

countrynmore said...

Love the scarfs. Your feather friends look warm and fashionable. Love the topics that your husband comes up with. Like I mentioned before, my dh would probably would have come up with the same topic title.

Bella Modiste said...

hahaha soo funny.......hehe
Did you see Jess' Chicks that she put Santa hats on?
so so cute,,,

Dawn Dutton said...

Too cute! Your husband is a smart man! c

Joyce St John said...

Too funny!!! Who would have thought? I love your sense of humor and writing talent, Bev.

Beverly said...

Gee, thanks, Joyce!

whimseycreations said...

Too funny and sooooo fasionable! Made me laugh out loud.

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

They are perfect, just perfect!!!! You know how I'm loving this. My girls will be so jealous. Anke did a fantastic job. Beats cruise wear anyday!!


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